Maria Perez

Premedical Treasurer

Maria Perez is a graduate of California Baptist University ’17. She resides in Southern California and is currently in her gap year working at a pediatric clinic and being a diabetes health coach to the underserved in the Inland Empire. Last year she was the Global Health Chair for the Pre-Medical Division of AMWA.  Four years ago, she co-founded the AMWA-California Baptist University Chapter. Being the co-president of that chapter for three years taught her more about AMWA and how she can become more involved at the national level and encourage other pre-medical students to also get involved and educated on AMWA’s different opportunities. Her ultimate career goal is obtaining her MD/MPH degree and utilizing that to reduce health disparities and increase health equity for all. In addition to this, another goal of hers is to establish a clinic in an underserved community in hopes of providing a safe space where patients feel comfortable sharing not only their health concerns but also other factors that may be influencing their overall health or well-being. As a first-generation college student and the first in her family to pursue medicine, she is eager to learn and to be able to work with minorities, as well as the underserved population both locally and globally.