Tiffany Vereen

Premedical Treasurer

Tiffany Vereen is a current graduate student at Case Western Reserve University studying Medical Physiology. She graduated from the College of Charleston in 2019 after majoring in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Business Administration and recently received her MBA with a concentration in Finance from the College in 2020. She served as the class Vice-President of Finance and served as a Campus Outreach Committee member while earning her MBA. Currently, she also serves as the treasurer for the Case Western Reserve University AMWA branch. Tiffany is interested in health policy, medical law, and is passionate about improving the availability of healthcare to those who need it most. Tiffany hopes to play a role in helping future patients navigate and overcome health disparities. Currently, she serves as the scheduling coordinator for a non-profit clinic that specializes in offering neurological care to patients. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, spending time with her cat and dog, and going to the beach in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. She is honored to be a part of AMWA and admires the drive and passion of all women that fight for more equitable care.