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This section of the SGHC Student Website contains Crunch Sheets and Tool Kits to introduce concepts of known sex and gender differences in health to the uninitiated learner. Student-created and student-led, the development of these medical crunch sheets are fashioned after the White Coat Cards from the American Medical Student Association, and the micro modules created by the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health sex and gender learning content.

These resources (fact sheets and PPT toolkit) re meant to introduce key factors that influence known sex and gender differences in seven disease states and to stand as supplemental tools to describe the clinical differences that are typically overlooked in student’s general medical curriculum when these topics are introduced. They have been created for easy downloading and printable so they may serve as a handout when students gather in small study groups.

We are always looking to expand the medical conditions so if you would like to add to this library of information, please reach out to the pre-medical, medical, and resident chairs of the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative.

If you do use any of these Sex & Gender resources, please share your experience as we’d love to know how they inform your approach to care and impact your view of medical care going forward.

Crunch Sheets

SGHC Crunch Sheets and Toolkits

Crunch Sheets (PDFs)

Crunch Sheets are designed to provide an easy and quick introduction to basic concepts of sex and gender-specific health in a one page pamphlet-like presentation. Feel free to download and use at your school.


These toolkits are an expansion of the content provided on the topic-specific Crunch Sheets to capture basic concepts of sex and gender-specific health in a short slide presentation. They encompass basic data to enhance (and supplement) class lectures, journal clubs, and other learning venues so that concepts of sex and gender sensitivity are included in your discussions. Feel free to download and use at your school.

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