Many organizations have called for development of innovative approaches to women’s health medical education and training. Computers offer the potential to overcome some barriers to providing women’s health education. The learning materials offered by this tutorial can be accessed 24-hours per day at a time, pace, and location that is convenient to the learner without scheduling conflicts. This tutorial was designed to address the existing gaps in women’s health training. It provides modules in a variety of formats such as short written chapters, narrated power point lectures, and self-assessment quizzes that can be used by medical educators alone or as a supplement to a clinical rotation for primary care residents or medical students. This course is designed to teach participants about the primary care of women, with special attention to contraception, menopause, and preventive care. The module was originally web-based but was converted into a hostable format for publication through MedEdPORTAL. In order to access the web-based module, please contact the author for log-in information.

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Davisson L, Nuss M, Bruno C, Long M, Warden M, Manivannan S, et al. Women’s Health Tutorial. MedEdPORTAL; 2009.

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