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The Sex and Gender Health Collaborative was established to bring a sex and gender perspective into medical and health professionals’ education and into clinical practice to ensure an accurate and comprehensive understanding and sensitivity that will improve medical care for all.

Each of us, without exception, has a sex and a gender. Our health is influenced by both sex (biology) and gender (sociocultural factors). Gender includes our own behaviors, our gendered expression, our gendered roles and the gendered expectations in the world around us. To fully meet an individual’s health care needs, we need to ensure that sex and gender are integrated into research, health professions education, and clinical practice. For women, we need to broaden our approach to clinical care and shift from a focus on reproductive concerns to a perspective that encompasses the entirety of women’s bodies. In both men’s and women’s healthcare, clinicians need to consider both biological (sex) and sociocultural (gender) factors, as well as the interaction between the two.

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To integrate sex and gender knowledge into medical and other health professions education and practice to improve healthcare for all.


The SGHC will fulfill our vision by:

  • Providing a digital clearinghouse of evidence-based sex and gender educational resources.
  • Increasing awareness that sex and gender matters for individuals, clinical outcomes, and in health systems.
  • Promoting sex and gender related collaborations among diverse groups and individuals

The SGHC was established through the generosity of our Founding Partners: American Medical Women’s Association, the American College of Women’s Health Physicians, and the Society for Women’s Health Research

Continuing support is provided by the American Medical Women’s Association and the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health.

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