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Online Sex and Gender Resource Library

Our collaborative has created a digitally accessible compendium of sex and gender specific resources primarily for faculty, students and researchers. This includes curricular materials, teaching tools, presentations, original research articles, and online continuing education opportunities.  The breadth of resources will enable faculty to readily adopt and integrate sex and gender content into their courses.

Sex and Gender Health Education Summits

Members of the SGHC committee and the former SGWHC board have had a leadership role in supporting, planning, and presenting at the 2015 Sex and Gender Medical Education (SGME) Summit at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and the 2018 Sex and Gender Health Education (SGHE) Summit at the University of Utah Health in Salt Lake City, UT. The SGME Summit was the first international sex and gender medical education summit, while the SGHE Summit was the first international sex and gender interprofessional health education Summit. Additional information about the Summits is available here.

National Resolutions and Policy Statements

SGHC board members and student partners worked with national, state, and professional groups to pass resolutions and create policy statements which advocated for the inclusion of sex and gender content into medical curricula.

  • American Medical Association passes a resolution that sex and gender content be integrated into medical education (2018)
  • American Academy of Family Physicians National Congress of Student Members passes a resolution that sex and gender content be integrated into medical education (2017)
  • American College of Physicians issues a policy statement that medical education be improved regarding the teaching of women’s health and that women’s health be better represented in research (2018)
  • Michigan State Medical Society passes a resolution that sex and gender content be integrated into medical education at all Michigan medical schools (2017)

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Project

In 2012, the SGWHC formed a task force of 30 specialists in sex and gender medicine to develop a list of health conditions with an evidence basis for sex and/or gender differences in etiology, presentation, evaluation, treatment, or prevention. The task force identified over 200 areas of difference in health conditions between women and men. Ten task force representatives reviewed the NBME USMLE exams to identify potential gaps regarding sex and gender content. This assessment will guide future updates of Step 1, 2, and 3 exams. This content review is a great advance toward ensuring that all medical students and future physicians are prepared to address the impact of sex and gender factors on health. This initiative was supported by the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health. Additional collaborative projects with the NBME are in process.

Collaborations with Organizations with Organizations to Advance Sex and Gender in Research and Education

Inter-Professional Collaboration in Women’s Health Curricula Expert Panel

Founding members Justina Trott MD and Marjorie Jenkins MD represented SGWHC on this panel of health professionals that included representatives from dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health, as well as members from HRSA, CDC, FDA, and ORWH. The panel’s goals were to identity common priorities and barriers in women’s health curricula, consider guidelines for inter-professional collaboration, and formulate recommendations for dissemination and inclusion of report findings to key stakeholders. This collaboration culminated in a final report in May 2013. Women’s Health Curricula: Final Report on Expert Panel Recommendations for Interprofessional Collaboration across the Health Professions

Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health (LWBIWH)

SGHC has worked collaboratively with the LWBIWH to support their development of SGBH learning modules, avatar modules, slide library, and brief videos. SGHC members and collaborators have provided peer review for some of that work. Together, we have created and maintained the National SGBM Practitioner Registry. The LWBIWH continues to generously provide financial support for SGHC projects.

Showcasing the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative and Sex and Gender Medicine at Medical Meetings and National Organizations

  • Congress of Women’s Health
  • Organization for the Study of Sex Differences Annual Meeting
  • Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
  • “Creating Consensus: Embedding Concepts of Sex and Gender Health Differences into Medical Curricula”, 2012
  • Presenting Workshop: “Development of Digital Resources of Sex and Gender Specific Research and Teaching Tools.” 2012
  • Presentation: “Evaluating Gaps in Sex and Gender Medicine and the Need to Fill Them.”
  • North American Menopause Society
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • National Board of Medical Examiners November 15-16, 2012
  • North American Spine Society Presentations (2016, 2017)
  • AMA Change Med Ed Conference (2017)
  • Sex and Gender Medical Education Summit (2015)
  • Sex and Gender Health Education Summit (2018)

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