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Modern Aspects of Gender Based Medicine (Introductory Course)

A short iBook introduction to sex and gender concepts, with listing of other resources from various sources helpful for the student

By Janice Werbinski, MD, FACOG, NCMP

This course is an introduction to viewing medicine through a sex and gender lens.  Sex and Gender Based Medicine (SGBM) is a field of medicine which incorporates information about how biological sex and the sociocultural aspects of gender affect health and illness for women and men.  It is a broader category, which acknowledges that both biological and sociocultural aspects of women’s and men’s health need to be incorporated into management of health and disease.  It acknowledges that there is an interrelationship between sex and gender on health outcomes.  The course starts with the basic biology, physiology, and hormonal aspects of sex and gender development, and expands to a more universal view of health and disease from a sex and gender perspective.  Several cases will be presented which emphasize the need to know the sex and gender of the patient in order to properly assess and treat.  Students will also be provided tools and other resources to enable them to find timely information in gender based medicine.


Gender in Medical Education (Module)

An introduction to gender bias in medical education, you as a medical student, and you as an individual. This is from the Gender and Health Curriculum Project in Canada.

Julie Ann Van Koughnett – student University of Western Ontario; Debbie Penava, MD, FRCSC, MPH – University of Western Ontario; Shayna Watson, MD, CCFP, MEd – Queen’s University

Sex and Gender Specific Health – Interactive Learning Modules

Interactive Learning Modules. Topics include Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Infectious Disease, and Alcohol Use Disorders. Certification is available for students who complete all 5 modules.

Created by the Sex and Gender Specific Health Program at the Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Topics in Sex and Gender Medicine (Modules)

Topics include: cardiovascular disease, depression, lung cancer, sexual diversity, poverty, trauma, globalization and health, dementia, unintended pregnancy. Toolkits include Gender and Medical Education, and the Gender Lense. Upcoming modules include: congestive heart failure, men’s health, health as a human right.

A project of the Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum, Canada.

Interprofessional Education (Module)

How to learn and work in interprofessional teams. An initiative of Health Canada.

QUIPPED Project, Queen’s University. Lee Ann Fox, Constance Sunderland, Shayna Watson.

Harassment and Discrimination (Module)

This module is an introduction to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with issues of harassment and discrimination.

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Nahid Azad.

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