July 2016


We hope everyone is having a great summer. Read here the latest news from the Sex and Gender Women’s Health Collaborative.


In July, SGWHC invited over 50 physicians to be listed on the National SGBM Physician Registry that was announced at the SGBM Summit last Fall. This registry will be populated by a number of physicians who have been working in the field of Sex and Gender Medicine, and will be accessible to the general public who might be looking for a SGBM Physician. For ways you can be listed, click HERE. Watch your email for your invitation if you have been active with SGWHC and Sex and Gender Based Medicine.


  • Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research: SGWHC has become the 100th organization to collaborate with the Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research! One of the areas we have in common is sex and gender differences in imaging. In fact, Dr. Alyson J. McGregor’s new textbook, Sex and Gender in Acute Care Medicine, devotes an entire chapter to this issue.
  • University of Colorado Center for Women’s Health Research: Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the National Conference on Women’s Health Research “Sex Differences Across the Lifespan: A Focus on Metabolism.”September 28-30 in beautiful Colorado Springs. University of Colorado is another new collaborating organization who shares vision and goals with SGWHC.


As we announced in the last newsletter, the AMA was poised to take up a Women’s Health resolution in June. The resolution asks that the AMA begin viewing women’s health through a sex and gender lens.
We have good news to report! The resolution, “An Expanded Definition of Women’s Health,” was adopted by consensus! Further, the report recommends that the AMA develop new policy that “recognize(s) the term ‘women’s health’ as inclusive of all health conditions for which there is evidence of women’s risks, presentations, and/or responses to treatments are different from those of men, and encourage that evidence-based information regarding the impact of sex and gender be incorporated into medical practice, research and training.”
We owe a debt of gratitude to SGWHC board chair, Dr. Kimberly Templeton, who has persisted for two years in getting this resolution passed at the AMA. Thanks so much, Kim!


The SGWHC Scholarship Committee, aptly led by Tracy Madsen, MD, is working on the production of a new article. It will review current terminology/usage of terms relating to SGBM, identify discrepancies in terminology between major organizations, describe complexity surrounding these terms, and recommend that national organizations (including SGWHC) convene to develop consensus recommendations for terminology. Tracy managed to lead this committee while delivering and caring for her new baby boy, Miles Elliott Moore.


The SGWHC.org website now lists more cutting-edge references, two new books which specifically address sex and gender differences:

Additionally, we have posted two new case studies, authored by Dr. McGregor and Dr. Rebecca Barron: “Colorectal Cancer in Women” and “Sex Differences in Chronic Pain.” Both of these studies are succinct, informative, and have great lists of up to date references.


Our membership is now up to 340, and we have a higher open rate than the industry average for our social media posts. Our usual open rate is 33-35%. Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and use our Twitter tag @GoWomensHealth.

A big shout out to our new Media Specialist, Sarah Khalil, a second year student at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine. She has expertly added the above references to the SGWHC website, and has also been populating the SGWHC blog with interesting articles.


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