How Sex and Gender Influence Health and Disease


For over a decade, AMWA has been promoting awareness of the importance of sex and gender specific healthcare – in clinical practice, research, and education. At the 2021 Sex and Gender Health Education Summit, we were inspired by the international panel organized by Dr. Claudia Morrissey and Dr. Janice Werbinski where we heard from Dr. Marilene Melo from Brazil. Dr. Melo shared how she and her colleagues had published 500,000 copies of a brochure promoting the importance of sex and gender based medicine. Their advocacy efforts led to a mandate by law that sex and gender based medicine be taught in the 40 medical schools in Sao Paula State.

AMWA is partnering with organizations and colleagues to do the same – digitally. With permission, we are promoting an infographic developed by the National Institutes of Health Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) – How Sex and Gender Influence Health and Disease. The NIH ORWH has been leading efforts to promote research and education on the importance of sex as a biologic variable (SABV).

Did you know?

Did you know that women often present differently with heart attacks as compared to men? Did you know that Zolpidem, the medicine for sleep, needs to be dosed lower in women? Research is helping us better understand these differences – but in order to impact care, we need to make sure that all practitioners are equipped with this knowledge.

The Challenge – 500,000 views

Join AMWA and partnering organizations to ensure that we can get 500,000 views of the brochure, How Sex and Gender Influence Health and Disease. We will be tracking digital hits on this page as well as collecting emails to share future campaigns and resources to promote sex and gender specific health.

Other Opportunities

Most importantly be an ambassador. Treating patients through the lens of sex and gender specific healthcare is about providing better healthcare.

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