Eds:  Schenck Gustafsson, K., DeCola, P., Pfaff, D., Pisetsky, D.



A new vision to understanding medicine. Gender medicine is an emerging field in the management of health and disease, informed by research and encompasses the biological and social determinants that underlie the susceptibility to disease and its consequences. As we move forward, consideration of the role of gender will undoubtedly become an integral feature of all research and clinical care. Defining the role of gender in medicine requires a broad perspective on biology and diverse skills in biomedical and social sciences. This Handbook of Clinical Gender Medicine covers twelve critical but common areas of medicine, addressing the gender and gender influences on clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of a wide range of common diseases, including: heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, pain, violence, and malaria among other conditions.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

▪   Gender Matters 
Wainer, J. ; Wainer, Z. ;

▪   Biological Sex and the Genome: What Makes Us Ourselves? 
Legato, M.J.

  • Social and Biological Determinants in Health and Disease 
Section Editors: DeCola, P.R. (New York, N.Y.); Schober, J.M. (Erie, Pa.)

▪   Gender Effects on Health and Healthcare 
DeCola, P.R.

▪   A Global War against Baby Girls: Sex-Selective Abortion Becomes a Worldwide Practice 
Eberstadt, N.N.

▪   Fetal Programming 
Glezerman, M.

▪   Ambiguous Genitalia 
Mouriquand, P.D.E. ; Schober, J.M.

  • Central Nervous System and Clinical Applications 
  Section Editor: Pfaff, D.W. (New York, N.Y.)

▪   Chronic Stress and Allostatic Load 
Juster, R.-P. ; Lupien, S.J.

▪   Autism 
Knickmeyer, R. ; Baron-Cohen, S.

▪   Depression 
Rubinow, D.R. ; Craft, C.D.

▪   Violence: Adaptive Regulated Aggression Contrasted with Violence Against Women 
Kreinin, T. ; Esteva, C.G.M. ; Pfaff, D.W. ; Lusweti, S. ; Shauri, H.S.

  • Neurology    
Section Editor: Olsson, T. (Stockholm)

▪   Parkinson’s Disease 
af Edholm, K. ; Svenningsson, P.

▪   Stroke 
von Euler, M.

▪   Multiple Sclerosis 
Olsson, T.

▪   Epilepsy 
Tomson, T. ; Sveinsson, O.

▪   Migraine and Other Headaches 
Waldenlind, E.

  • Pain
 Section Editor: Murphy, A.Z. (Atlanta, Ga.)

▪   Fibromyalgia 
Kosek, E.

▪   Temporomandibular Joint Disorders 
Lim, P.F. ; Maixner, W. ; Khan, A.A.

▪   Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
Kilpatrick, L.A. ; Tillisch, K.

▪   Pain and Analgesia 
Loyd, D.R. ; Murphy, A.Z.

  • Circulation  
Section Editor: Schenck-Gustafsson, K. (Stockholm)

▪   Coronary Heart Disease 
Schenck-Gustafsson, K.

▪   Coronary Heart Disease and Female Sex Hormones 
Schenck-Gustafsson, K.

▪   Heart Failure 
Kühn Madsen, B.

▪   Arrhythmias 
Insulander, P. ; Vallin, H.

  • Cancer
  Section Editor: Gustafsson, J.-Å. (Houston, Tex./Stockholm)

▪   Cancer 
Ernberg, I.

▪   Three Nuclear Receptors Involved in Gender-Related Proliferative Diseases (ER-β LXR-α, and LXR-β) 
Warner, M. ; Gustafsson, J.-Å.

  • Metabolic Disease
  Section Editor: Werner, S. (Stockholm)

▪   Type 1 Diabetes 
Ma, R.C.W. ; Chan, J.C.N.

▪   Type 2 Diabetes 
Chamnan, P. ; Ma, R.C.W. ; Chan, J.C.N.

▪   Obesity 
Rössner, S.M. ; Rössner, S.

▪   Pituitary and Thyroid Diseases 
Werner, S.

▪   Diseases of Calcium Metabolism and Bone Metabolic Disorders 
Thorén, M.

▪   Adrenal Disorders, Female Androgen Deficiency, Hirsutism, and Endocrine Hypertension 
Thorén, M.

▪   Transsexualism 
Dhejne, C. ; Arver, S.

  • Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Musculoskeletal Disease
   Section Editor: Pisetsky, D.S. (Durham, N.C.)

▪   Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 
Shiraishi, M. ; Clowse, M.

▪   Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Lesuis, N. ; van Vollenhoven, R.F.

▪   Osteoarthritis 
Sowers, M. ; Karvonen-Gutierrez, C.A.

▪   Spondyloarthritis 
Eder, L. ; Gladman, D.D.

▪   Gout 
Hershfield, M.S.

  • Infectious Diseases
   Section Editor: Britton, S. (Stockholm)

▪   HIV Infection 
Tozzi, V.

▪   Malaria 
Färnert, A. ; Kulane, A.

▪   Measles Infection 
Aaby, P.

▪   Tuberculosis 
Ekéus Thorson, A.

  • Urology, Sexual Dysfunction, and Nephrology
   Section Editor: Arver, S. (Stockholm)

▪   Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, and Overactive Bladder 
Peeker, R.

▪   Sexual Dysfunction in Women 
Öberg, K.

▪   Sexual Dysfunction in Men 
Buvat, J.

▪   Chronic Kidney Disease 
Carrero, J.-J.

  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  Section Editor: Parekh, A. (Silver Spring, Md.)

▪   Women in Clinical Drug Trials: United States Food and Drug Administration Update on Policies and Practices 
Parekh, A.

▪   Drug Disposition and Effect 
Mattison Faye, A.C.M. ; Mattison, D.R.

  • Geriatrics
   Section Editor: Herlitz, A. (Stockholm)

▪   Aging in a Gendered Society: Social and Biological Determinants of Health in the Elderly Population 
Parker, M.G.

▪   Multimorbidity 
Mangialasche, F. ; Marengoni, A. ; Kivipelto, M.

▪   Dementia 
Wang, H.-X. ; Kivipelto, M.

  • Cognition 
Herlitz, A. ; Lovén, J.



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