Publications by members of the SGHC


Eye Conditions in Women. Wishna A, Hurtig A, Templeton K.

Issues Faced by Senior Women Physicians: A National Survey. Templeton K, Nilsen KM, Walling, A. 

Improving Medical Education Using a Sex and Gender Lens. Rojek M, Jenkins M.

Embedding Concepts of Sex and Gender Health Differences into Medical Curricula. Miller VM, Rice M, et

Sex and Gender Medical Education Summit: A Roadmap for Curricular Innovation. Chin EL, Hoggatt M, et

Advancing Sex and Gender Competency in Medicine: SGWHC. McGregor AJ, Templeton K, et al

Sex and Gender Based Medicine: The Need for Precise Terminology. Madsen T, Bourjelly G, et al

How to study the impact of sex and gender in medical research: a review of resources.  McGregor et al

AMWA Position Paper on Sex and Gender Specific Medicine. Werbinski J


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