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Salute and Preview from Incoming AMWA President Elizabeth Garner, MD, MPH

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Elizabeth Garner, MD, MPH

As we come to the end of this year’s Black History Month and look forward to Women’s History Month and AMWA’s 108th Annual Meeting happening March 23-26, for me, this time represents a convergence of elements of my identity with the work of my life, setting the stage for the role I hope to play this year as President of AMWA.

Thus, I thought now — as I am poised to assume the role of President from the wonderful Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber in just a few short weeks — this would be an ideal time for me to acknowledge all the work that has gone into planning the 108th Annual Meeting, to thank Program Chair Dr. Eleanor Chu and her dedicated team, to salute the AMWA community and to encourage all of you to join us in Philadelphia!

As I prepare to take the helm of AMWA, I am thinking about how my career experiences may be different from those of many of my colleagues in AMWA. I have worked as a clinician, professor and researcher in academic medicine, but more recently have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 16 years. I am thinking about the many things that means in terms of the ideas and energy we can generate together as we look at healthcare from more of a 360 degree perspective. I am also thinking about the global, multi-racial perspectives I bring. Diversity, innovation, empowerment of women in medicine — and women overall — and advancing women’s health are key interests of mine.

If you haven’t done so, please take a look at the #AMWA2023 Agenda, pick your workshops, sign up for the wonderful social events.  I am excited to see old friends and meet new ones — and I look forward to sharing more about my background, my vision for women in medicine, and my hopes for AMWA.

See you in Philly!

Elizabeth (Beth) Garner, MD, MPH
AMWA President-Elect 2022 – 2023


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