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The Residents as Mentors Program

Since 1915, AMWA has been serving as the voice of women’s health and working for the advancement of women in medicine through advocacy, education, and mentorship. In the spirit of this history, the Resident Division has created the AMWA Residents as Mentors Program.

The Residents as Mentors Program is an addendum to the Charlotte Edwards Maguire, MD Mentor Register. Overall, the Charlotte Edwards Maguire, MD Mentor Register is designed to supply you with physician mentors, as well as enable you to act as a mentor to the student members. We recognize that to become a resident you traveled along a unique path and these experiences in life and medicine make you a huge asset to those that are following in your footsteps. Current medical students may only be a few years behind you, but because you have gone through the process your guidance is invaluable.

Would you be willing to serve as a mentor and help guide student members in making the right decisions while balancing residency and the plethora of challenges that face women physicians everyday?

Additionally, our goal as the Resident Division is to help support you in your mentorship role and as a blossoming scientist. We would like to encourage resident members working with their mentees to develop poster presentations for the annual meeting. We understand the demands of the resident schedule and want to create opportunities for you to contribute and have your voice heard at AMWA even if your schedule cannot permit attendance at our meeting. Thus, this new initiative will foster your growth as a teacher, investigator and learner and enable you to stay connected with AMWA through those that you have mentored. You may use the database below to identify possible mentees or may consider contacting the student AMWA branch at your institution.

It is never too soon to start meeting the current need for female physician role models and mentors. We grow up hearing that we are the future of medicine, but you are both today’s physicians and tomorrow’s leaders. Please register for the Residents as Mentors Database and become part of the rich legacy of mentors that has made medicine what it is today. To register online please click the button below and all of your information will be entered into our secure database. Resident mentors will be eligible for the Charlotte Edwards Maguire, MD Outstanding Mentor Award presented at our national conference. For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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