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SHOT…101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America

New York, New York – September 21, 2016- The book SHOT… 101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America will be published by powerHouse Books in spring 2017.

SHOT is a photographic documentary of 101 shooting survivors from across the USA.  The project features survivors from all races, many ethnicities, and ages 8-80 from high and low profile shootings throughout America.  Most survivors were photographed where they were shot. The project is not meant to be divisive; gun owners including an NRA member are represented.  Gun violence affects all Americans and SHOT gives us a look at this united mosaic of survivors.

Hear what Survivor #97 Megan has to say:

Before I met Kathy Shorr I never would’ve imagined returning to the area of my shooting. The bad memories alone kept me away. This project gave me some sense of closure. She offered me the opportunity to showcase life after a shooting and captures some of those emotions on camera. Shining a different light on gun violence she’s taken interest in the people who often are expected to carry on as if nothing has changed for them. Her project highlights 101 survivors of gun violence and how we embrace our scars and our stories. This is what surviving gun violence looks like.

Survivor #55 Sara:

Several months ago, I met with a photographer from New York. She was on a mission to photographer 100 survivors of gun violence and show our scars to the world. I loved her work and I loved her purpose. I’ve always strongly felt that the main reason why we can’t have a discussion about gun violence is because the full impact is kept from the public. You may see us cry, you may see us laugh at times, but you never see our injuries. Kathy Shorr understood how important it was to show them and to finally be truthful. It was scary as hell meeting with her. I’ve spent almost 22 years hiding from cameras. I felt vulnerable and exposed. But I am so damn happy with the experience and I’m thankful that I get to count her among my friends.

The book is a powerful look at these 101 survivors.  Max Kozloff, esteemed photography and art critic has written the Foreword.  Dr. Tanya Zakrison, ER surgeon at Jackson Memorial in Miami has written the Afterword.  Charles Traub, photographer and educator has sequenced the images and Nikolai Shorr, award winning art director has designed the book.

Kathy Shorr traveled over 100,000 miles across the USA to complete the project in almost two and one half years (December 2015) funded by her own savings. For more information, visit her page here.

The residency division is actively working to partner with Kathy Shorr and provide our full support of her project. We plan to maintain an active partnership with her organization as she continues to work on efforts to publish.

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Global Health

The mission of our Global Health division is to connect AMWA resident members with resources for service and advocacy in global health.

According to the World Health Organization, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of infirmity.”  Global Health implies “consideration of the health needs of the people of the whole planet above the concerns of particular nations.”   AMWA Global Health is committed to empowering female residents to aid underserved communities throughout the world and to advocate for better health practices in any community where there is a need.


AMWA is dedicated to advancing women in medicine and to improving women’s health via advocacy for women in the legal, social, and educational realms. AMWA provides a voice and an outlet for young female physicians to influence and shape policy changes within the U.S. national healthcare system.  AMWA also serves as a means by which young physicians advocate for the health and well-being of patients, especially with respect to the unique concerns of women.

Increasingly, we are seeing the need to educate our young men and women about what constitutes safe and consensual sex to empower them to make healthy decisions.   In this vein, it is increasingly important for women in healthcare to advocate in the political arena and in the clinic for their patients to receive the sex education and compassionate care they deserve.

In keeping with AMWA’s mission of promoting women’s health, the goals of the Women’s Advocacy division are to support and promote legislation and medical guidelines that are in accordance with the Position Statements set forth by AMWA.

In particular, the division will focus on the following issues:

      • drafting an updated 2015 Position Statement focused on paternal leave and working to encourage every residency program to adopt and enforce these provisions
      • in light of the Residency Division’s focus on child/sex trafficking, Women’s Advocacy will work to identify avenues of improving access and delivery of  obstetrical/gynecological healthcare and follow-up to women and girls affected by this trade
      • promoting the increased access to and affordability of comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all women, which includes contraceptive care (with particular focus on long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)), pregnancy options counseling, and the safe, legal termination of pregnancy
      • supporting ElderImpact to increase focus on health of seniors
      • serving as a venue for all AMWA members to create awareness and build support in the national AMWA community for issues concerning women’s health advocacy occurring at local and statewide levels

For more information on AMWA’s advocacy activities, contacting your legislators, and other advocacy resources, please visit AMWA’s Advocacy page.

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Women’s Advocacy should be directed to  We look forward to hearing from you!


AMWA Residency Division is committed to actively increasing membership within our division as a means of furthering the goals of National AMWA. We plan to reach out to graduating senior medical students and current residents to improve our visibility within the medical community. There is strength in numbers! Our many individual voices as female physicians, when put together, can form a powerful vocalization of support to help fight to end the trafficking of women and children.