Resident Division

Sonia Bhandari Randhawa, MD

Conference Co-Chair

Sonia Bhandari Randhawa, M.D. is an OBGYN Resident at Reading Hospital in Pennsylvania. After completing three years of general surgery residency, she switched into OBGYN to pursue a career dedicated to women’s health. She graduated from the University Of South Carolina School Of Medicine. During medical school, she was actively involved with AMWA and served as the medical school representative on the SC Medical Association, gaining knowledge in both health advocacy and mentorship. She has focused her career on empowerment through knowledge. Sonia is working alongside other AWMA members and leading them to create a teenage sexual education curriculum that she will teach in an orphanage in Uttarakhand, India this coming fall. She is also heavily involved with the American College of Surgeons and wishes to improve education through knowledge of resources. She has created the first state-wide ACS OBGYN Resident Committee in PA to help increase awareness and understanding of tools and resources that OB GYN residents have to improve their surgical skills and ultimately provide better patient care. She is very excited to be a part of the AMWA leadership team and to help plan a resourceful AMWA annual conference for residents from across the nation. She is looking forward to making new friends, connections and experiences in the process. During her free time, Sonia enjoys cooking, traveling with her family and playing with her adorable puppy, Kulfi.

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