Resident Division

MerryJean Losso, MD

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

MerryJean Losso, MDI am currently the Resident Division Diversity and Inclusion Chair. I started my involvement in AMWA as my medical school’s chapter Community Service Outreach Chair. I then transitioned to working as the national Medical Student Diversity and Inclusion Chair in the Section of Diversity and Inclusion (SoDI). Instituted in 2014, the charge of the Section of Diversity and Inclusion (SoDI) is to guide leadership in implementing strategies to increase, enhance and sustain diversity and inclusion within the organization and serve as the primary advisory body to the organization’s chapters and other affinity groups related to racial, ethnic, LGBTQ, military and veteran, rural affairs as well as community partnership. We focus on scholarship for diversity and inclusion research from medical students by creating the National Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Awareness in Medical Research Award. I developed the first AMWA Clinical Research Elective through Rush Heart Center for Women that focused on medical students being able to utilize community outreach based research in Chicago as an instructive model in teaching about socio-economic health inequities. I now work as the resident liaison to the SoDI and alongside the resident division leadership on assessing the extent of diversity and inclusion throughout our resident section, highlighting areas for recruitment, growth, and expansion. I helped develop the AMWA Diversity Dialogues series, which is now a very exciting podcast.

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