AMWA Residency Application Scholarship Fund

What it is: The AMWA Residency Application Scholarship Fund is meant for medical students who plan to graduate from an LCME accredited American allopathic or osteopathic medical school and who have financial need. This scholarship is meant to ease some of the financial burden that accompanies the application process to residency programs. 

Scholarship Amount: A one-time installment that will range from $250-$500.

Application Process: Applicants will write a short essay, no more than 350 words, describing their need and why the scholarship would help alleviate that need. 

Scholarship Requirements: 

  1. Must be an AMWA Medical Student Member
  2. Must be on financial aid from the medical school you are currently enrolled in or have a letter from the financial aid office regarding your need. 
  3. Recipient will continue as a resident member and will update personal profile upon graduation. Membership in the residency division will be complementary for all scholarship recipients and will cover throughout the length of their training.

Repayment: This is gift that AMWA is providing to the selected applicants. Repayment of the amount received is not required. AMWA does ask that recipients consider giving back to AMWA in the future in a way that they deem appropriate when they are able.