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Re: Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 27th, 2018



Re: Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

 Statement of the American Medical Women’s Association

The process for confirming a Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States requires deference to the position’s lifetime nature, and its potentially sweeping impact on the lives of this nation’s citizens. To that end, the United States Senate must observe the completion of the process with a continuing commitment to diligence, attention to detail, and confirming that the President’s nominee is qualified beyond a reasonable doubt.

With the recent allegations of sexual assault and other misconduct levied against the accused, it is painful to see, yet again, women being vilified and threatened for speaking out. It is similarly disheartening to see the disparagement and threats directed towards the accused and their family.

Many of our members personally understand the agony of coming forward in circumstances similar to this, and we ask that due diligence be given to the statements of the parties involved. Although the American Women’s Medical Association understands that the confirmation process cannot be extended indefinitely, we believe that this requires each party’s claims to be thoroughly vetted. Indeed, moving forward within, or accelerating the current nomination timeline, would reveal the stated deservedness for the accusers to be heard as a hollow gesture, and rob the accused of the chance to properly clear their name by being heard with an impartial set of facts before the Senate. The United States cannot afford to have shadows of doubt hanging over the Court for years to come by failing to properly investigate these claims. The Senate must have all the information necessary to make a fair and impartial decision.

AMWA asks that the Committee complete a full investigation and support those who come forth in cases of sexual assault.



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