Pringl Miller, MD, FACS

Pringl Miller, MD, FACS is the founder and executive director of the 501c3 organization Physician Just Equity (PJE). Dr. Miller is also a co-founder of the Surgical Palliative Care Society (SPCS) and holds the appointment of adjunct lecturer at the University of Illinois (UIC) College of Medicine in the Department of Medical Education. Dr. Miller’s clinical areas of interest, expertise, and research include the intersection and integration of general surgery, clinical medical ethics, and hospice and palliative care for high risk surgical patients. Additionally, Dr. Miller has established herself as a content expert and visionary in the area of equity and justice for physicians and surgeons who experience workplace conflicts in an effort to support and retain talented under-represented clinicians in the workforce. Physician Just Equity and AMWA have collaborated on a series of webinars that aim to empower clinicians experiencing workplace injustices and shine a light on the impact of these injustices on the quality of patient care.