Angela Belous

Premedical Division Region 7 Director

Angela Belous is an undergraduate pre-medical student at the University of Minnesota- Twin
Cities studying Human Physiology and Russian Studies with a minor in Public Health. She is the
co-president and founder of her local AMWA chapter at her campus. She is an active member
of the GIAHC initiative and of the 2021 conference committee. Outside of AMWA, Angela
advocates for reproductive rights and for addressing disparities in medicine and education. Her
interest lies in gynecological oncology. She is a member of the Minnesota Medical Leader
student group and serves as an officer in the Russian Speaking Student Association on her
campus. She also works as a health technician at a local correctional facility. She is grateful for
the opportunities and initiatives that AMWA has to offer and for the opportunity to meet others
who promote women’s health and women in medicine.