Jill Patel

Premedical Division Region 2 Director

Jill Patel is an incoming senior at Piscataway High School and wishes to pursue a career in the medical field, possibly as a chiropractic doctor. So far, she has volunteered at Oak Tree Physical Therapy, interacting with patients at a personal and professional level. Besides volunteering, she loves to spend time with friends and family. She has been an active and dedicated member of the HOSA club at Piscataway High School and has been a national AMWA member since she found out about the organization. She is particularly attracted to AMWA because of the support she can gain from other women who are on a similar path to medicine. She adores the mentorship she has gained from being a member, and hopes to share this with the future generations of women. She has continued to receive higher honor rolls throughout her education, in addition to the President’s Award, and wishes to continue with this success in the future.