Iris Dupanovic

Premedical Division Vice President of Recruitment

Iris is a premedical student with a BS in Biopsychology and a MS in Biomedical Sciences from Tufts University. Her engagement with AMWA began as a student, driven by her passion for fostering connections and mutual support among women in the medical field. Iris has held various leadership roles within AMWA, including Premedical Vice President of Recruitment, Program/Mentorship Chair, Region 1 Director, and WWI Traveling Exhibit Co-Coordinator. Notably, she initiated AMWA’s first National Mentorship Program and spearheaded the development of the AMWA Wellness Programming toolkit. Beyond her involvement in AMWA, Iris volunteers as a medical advocate and a tutor. In her leisure time, Iris enjoys spin classes, cooking/baking, listening to podcasts, and finding new coffee shops to try.