Tatyana Brisard

Premedical Division Vice President of Recruitment

Tatyana Desire-Brisard recently graduated after studying Biology and Women and Gender Studies at Brooklyn College. She has been a part of the Premedical Leadership for the last two years and looks forward to being a part of the team for a third year. She is excited to apply her experiences as a Region Director to her new role as the 2018-2019 Vice President of Recruitment. As a Region Director, Tatyana helped initiate the mentorship programs, which she hopes to develop further in her new role. Being a part of AMWA for the last three years has allowed her to learn about healthcare, leadership, advocacy, and much more.  Tatyana co-founded her local chapter and served as president before joining the national team.

Through her education and experience, she has strived to obtain a better understanding of women in health care. Her studies and experiences have taught her the importance of understanding and advocating for the rights of women’s health which has been either overlooked or misunderstood historically in medicine. She supports the AMWA’s philosophy that through the improvement of women’s health care, we can elevate the state of health care for all. Tatyana holds a strong interest in global health and has been fortunate enough to explore this interest through volunteer trips to South America and a shadowing experience in Spain. Through these humbling experiences, she has learned the advantages and disadvantages of different healthcare systems. Additionally, she has a strong interest in women’s health and cardiovascular health. She aspires to work with underserved communities to improve their relationship with healthcare and improve healthcare education in the general population. Currently, Tatyana conducts research at her home university while working to further her goals and being active in her community.