Varshini Vakulabharanam

Premedical Division Vice President of Recruitment

Varshini Vakulabharanam is an undergraduate junior at the University of Houston, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. As an aspiring medical student, her goals and vision serve as her motivation in joining the American Medical Women’s Association to be at the forefront of medicine. Varshini is very passionate about women’s healthcare and has taken part in numerous health camps and seminars in order to give back to her community. Coming from humble beginnings herself, she aspires to make her passion her job.

She joined AMWA through her local university branch and has been an active member ever since. During her time in AMWA she served as the National AMWA Region 3 Director where she worked closely with the national leadership board to plan the regional conference, various events, meetings, and outreach. Her involvement and appreciation for AMWA was pivotal in her decision to continue her leadership as the Vice President for Recruitment.

In her spare time, she loves swimming, dancing, drawing, and reading. A piece of advice she would give to young women is to never be afraid to voice your opinion and step outside of your comfort zone because you never know what opportunity awaits you. She strongly believes that learning is a lifelong journey!