Flora Jin

Premedical Division Program Chair

Flora Jin is a pre-medical student at the University of California, Berkeley, where she is pursuing a major in Psychology and Molecular Cell Biology, Neurobiology. She is passionate about developmental biopsychology and is studying to become a pediatric psychiatrist. During her time in AMWA, she has been a part of the Mental Health Committee, where she works alongside her teammates to carry out a variety of campaigns and projects. Her wonderful experience in this committee and branch inspired her to increase her involvement in AMWA at a national level. Aside from AMWA, Flora enjoys mentoring in the Girl Scouts, volunteering with MEDLIFE and Spectrum: Autism at Cal, and being a buddy in Best Buddies. This year, Flora is also involved in Berkeley’s Health Service Internship and is pursuing research in developmental psychology. She is excited to continue learning and growing alongside passionate, empowering women in AMWA for years to come!