Rebecca Hurwitz

Premedical Division Global Health Chair

Rebecca Hurwitz is a junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Integrative Biology with a focus in Human Biology and Health Sciences.  She is a research assistant in a psychology lab on campus that studies the physiological effects of the emotions associated with the discussion of objects deemed sacred to the experiment participants. She also volunteers at the Haas School of Business mentoring low-income high school students and preparing them for college.  She first got involved with AMWA when she worked with Dr. Eliza Lo Chin, who is a huge inspiration for her.  Rebecca has been the subcommittee head for the Music and Memory Program, and with Dr. Chin’s help, she is launching this program in which AMWA volunteers get hands-on experience in providing music therapy to patients with Alzheimer’s.  She is inspired by AMWA’s commitment to advancing women in medicine and empowering women to lead, and is excited to be the Premedical Division’s Global Health Chair this year.