Sneha Magesh

Premedical Division Global Health Chair

Sneha is the co-founder of a cultural organization called Tamil Sangam at The Ohio State University. She was a part of the mirrors sophomore honorary cohort and will be a part of the Chimes Junior honorary cohort at the Ohio State University. She is a research assistant in the experimental hematology department at James Cancer center. She volunteers at food banks because she is passionate about advocating for adequate nourishment for all. She even volunteers in an organization called Adopt a School. She values interacting with patients at the chemotherapy clinic at James Cancer center.In her free time, Sneha relishes singing, dancing, watching TV shows, traveling, and spending time with friends. Sneha is excited to be a part of the AMWA board and advocate for issues like health care disparity and accessibility to cancer treatment. She finds it fascinating to discover ways in which humanities play a role in medicine. According to her, every person has a purpose in life and that persistence is key to achieving goals.