Azaria Au

Premedical Division Global Health Chair

Azaria Au is an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she is studying Economics. As the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong, she understands how colonial beginnings shaped current international health efforts. As with other colonial possessions, disease-focused interventions were privileged over amplifying basic health services and efforts to address the social determinants of health. Azaria hopes to advocate for a shift in mentality to incorporate local perspectives in health planning and the recruitment of more women to global health leadership. She has been a member of AMWA since her freshman year and currently serves on her chapter’s events committee. Outside of school, she works as a rehabilitation nurse tech and volunteers as a clinical technician at a local free clinic. Additionally, she volunteers as a disaster health services team member and emergency translator for the American Red Cross. In her free time, Azaria enjoys hiking around Dallas, playing the piano, swimming, and reading science-fiction novels.