Sneha Magesh

Premedical Division External Relations Chair

Sneha is majoring in health sciences on a premedical track, with a minor in biology, aligning with her passion for advocating healthcare affordability and accessibility. In her free time, she finds joy in singing and values moments with friends and family. As the global health chair of the American Women’s Medical Association, she showcases leadership and commitment to raising awareness about global health issues. Her role as a co-founder of Tamil Sangam at OSU reflects her dedication to fostering unity among people from her cultural background and promoting diversity on campus. In her free time, she loves to sing and is earning a bachelor’s degree in Indian Carnatic music.
Volunteering at food banks and supporting students struggling with STEM subjects at Graham Elementary and Middle School underlines her belief in nutrition for all and commitment to education. Membership in Mirrors sophomore honors society and Chimes junior honor society demonstrates her dedication to academic and service-oriented communities. Her experience as a research assistant at James Cancer Center’s experimental hematology department and transition to research with the College of Public Health showcases her versatility and commitment to addressing public health challenges.
Volunteering on James Cancer Center’s Chemo floor allows her to directly interact with patients, highlighting her compassionate nature and the positive impact she strives to make in the lives of those facing health challenges. Overall, her multifaceted involvement reflects a well-rounded individual actively contributing to both her academic and local communities. Involvement in a cultural organization like the Indian Student Association and interactions with diverse backgrounds add depth to her character.