Sai Chelluri

Premedical Division External Relations Chair

Sai Chelluri is a Molecular and Cell Biology major at UC Berkley graduating a year early with an emphasis on Cell and Developmental Biology. She has been involved with AMWA since her first semester of college, serving as the former Region 2 Director, and organizing panels and creating a series of Mental Health Podcasts for her local branch before becoming Program Director.
In addition to AMWA, she devotes hours each week to volunteering with the Bay Area Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals (CCMP), where she connects low-income workers with health care often inaccessible to them and guides fellow volunteers as Advocacy Captain. She also works as a student clinical assistant at the Tang Center, her university’s on-campus health services center. She is most proud of the supportive community of fellow premedical students that AMWA fosters and is honored to be serving it this year.