Does your AMWA branch want to get involved with advocacy? Are you unsure of where to start or which topics to pursue? Welcome to the new Premedical Division’s Advocacy Page! Please utilize the following resources, which provide you with background about a variety of hot topics, as well as instructions on what steps to take in order to start advocating with your chapter. Check back regularly to discover any new resources that may be added throughout the next few months. Feel free to download, print, and distribute our informational pamphlets among AMWA members at your school! Good luck with your advocacy projects, and please feel free to contact or with any questions or concerns.

Additionally, if you are interested in working on advocacy projects with AMWA on a national scale, consider joining the National Premedical Advocacy Committee! Contact for more information on joining.

AMWA Voter Toolkit

The AMWA advocacy committee compiled a list of voting resources to help you navigate registering to vote, getting informed about your ballot, and other resources about how to vote and promote civic engagement in your community. Click here to view our voter toolkit

Reproductive Rights Information

AMWA is openly in support of women’s right to chose and for reproductive rights. You can learn more about reproductive rights and what all it entails here! 


Our division collaborated with PERIOD, a non-profit that works to abolish menstrual stigma and inequity. Over the course of our campaign, we raised $329 through our fundraiser, held in-person and virtual period drives to donate menstrual products to those in need, and launched a social media infographic campaign to spread awareness about how menstrual injustice can exacerbate financial, educational, health, and social inequities. Our Premedical Advocacy Committee played an instrumental role in putting this project together; contact if you would like to join!

Abortion Awareness Event

After the restrictive abortion law was passed in Texas in September 2021, we held an event to raise awareness about reproductive rights and how abortion access is an integral aspect of comprehensive reproductive health. We had the honor of having guest speakers Morgan Levy, a medical student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and AMWA’s Fertility Committee Medical Student Executive Chair and Mentorship Committee Medical Student Chair, and Angie Luna, a recent Master of Science graduate in Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve University, who is currently a story teller with We Testify and has organized headlining work with multiple reproductive organizations nationwide.

Learn more about We Testify, and check out the following Texas abortion funds that need your support:


We launched this social media campaign to spread awareness of prevalent issues that have affected women due to COVID-19, while empowering and encouraging our members to anonymously share their stories. We highlighted topics and sources of misinformation that are oftentimes overlooked. In solidarity with all women, we organized a fundraiser and donated $302.50 to the YWCA (an organization working to improve the lives of women, girls and communities of color through advocacy, local programming and services) and $302.50 to Futures Without Violence (an organization working to end violence against women and children around the world).

Monthly Heritage Highlights

Almost every month, we celebrate the heritage and history of racial-ethnic and other identity groups. We recognize how important recognition is to our members, and we honor women physicians from different backgrounds to empower our members to reach their goals. We particularly highlight the accomplishments of women physicians belonging to historically marginalized groups in order to uplift their voices and show that women can come from many backgrounds and make history as powerful, intelligent, and groundbreaking women in medicine. From Black History Month to Pride Month, we highlight women in medicine who serve as sources of empowerment for premedical students like us.

#AMWAStandsWithYou Campaign

Mental Health Campaign

Epidemics and natural disasters often cause significant waves of mental health cases to appear, which are called “silent epidemics.” AMWA is dedicated to educating and empowering individuals on their mental health journeys. The mission of the #AMWAStandsWithYou campaign is to spread awareness of prevalent mental health issues. Sharing your experiences regarding recent social justice movements and pandemic related “silent epidemic” events may help others with their journey toward a positive and healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. We will highlight racial differences in mental health that are oftentimes overlooked. In solidarity with our BIPOC members, we are also organizing a fundraiser and collecting donations for the Loveland Foundation, an organization committed to improving mental health for Black women and girls.

Art for Advocacy

Creativity Expressing Opportunity

Here’s the link to the Art For Advocacy Submission Form!

The Premedical advocacy division of AMWA presents the opportunity for you to share your creative pieces, whether they be poems, sketches, paintings, stories, etc. Creating and sharing what you are passionate about results in a better mood and a feeling of connectedness and support with others; these all contribute to the positive feelings which are especially needed during these times. Your submission will be posted on the AMWA advocacy page. Submissions should, therefore, align with AMWA’s ethics and mission.If you have any questions please contact Mary ShahinyanAdvocacy Chair at


Angela Halverson – video (1) Angela Halverson – Video

Angela Halverson – poem _Repressed_

We are so very excited to see your wonderful submissions and we thank you for sharing your creations with the world.

We are featuring Anahita Akhavan’s poem “Dream of a Land.”

Dream of a Land


I’ll pray for King.


I’ll learn to dream.

I’ll dream of a land,

where the air’s the right of every human. 

I’ll dream of a land,

where all children hold each other’s hands.


I’ll dream of a land,

where all people smile with their eyes.

I’ll dream of a land,

where the light of forgiveness always shines.


I’ll dream of a land,

where hearts are the mirrors of truth.

I’ll dream of a land,

where there are no “us” or “them.” 

I’ll dream of a land,

where there’s no “right” or “wrong.”

I’ll dream of a land,

where there’s no “good” or “bad.”

I’ll dream of a land,

where there’s no “west” or “east.”

I’ll dream of a land,

where we’re all connected to the same bridge.


I’ll dream of a land,

where all dreams can become realities.

I’ll dream of a land,

where everyone lifts up each other’s hands.


I’ll dream of a land,

where humanity is the language of “love.”

And, only for love, we all learn to love “this wonderful life.”



USPS Advocacy + Community Building

The importance of the USPS manifests itself in many areas of life. We rely on the postal service for our means of communicating, maintaining connections, and receiving items necessary for our daily lives and for our health. It is important for us, as members of the American Medical Women’s Association, to remind ourselves of the importance of the USPS and postal medicine. The premedical division of AMWA is hosting a snail mail campaign to promote connectivity and raise awareness of the USPS’s role in the healthcare delivery system. We need your help to promote this project! We hope that this will be a fun nationwide initiative that will bring members from different chapters together and encourage them to explore the intersections of policy and healthcare.

 In conjunction with the snail mail chain, we are also hosting a social media contest for participants. Winners will be randomly selected after December 1st. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and use the #stampsforAMWA hashtag for a chance to win one of three AMWA shirts!

See below for project details and be sure to check out our social media posts to learn more about the postal service’s role in providing healthcare for vulnerable communities. SIGN UP DEADLINE: November 22nd, 2020.

  • Sign up here!
  • We will email you the name and address of another AMWA member.
  • Grab a stamp and envelope and get creative! You can think of this as creating a small paper care package.
  • *OPTIONAL* Take a picture, use our hashtag #stampsfromAMWA, and tag us on social media by December 1st for a chance to win 1 of 3 official AMWA shirts!

Chapter Leaders: Here are a couple of ideas to encourage your members to get involved:

  • Host a letter decorating social over Zoom
  • If your chapter uses a point system, consider incentivizing participation with points
  • Repost premed AMWA’s IG post on your own chapter’s account

Stumped for ideas? Here are a couple of things you can include:

  • recipe cards
  • meme cutouts
  • stickers, postcards, stationery
  • a piece of art you created (that would fit into a letter) or an image you colored
  • words of encouragement
  • an unused stamp in your envelope to encourage your partner to “pay it forward”!

We hope that you all enjoy participating in this project!

Women in STEM Campaign

During the week of February 10-14 2020, the Premedical division of AMWA is hosting a week-long campaign in honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Feb 11)! Throughout the campaign, branch leaders and members are encouraged to make STEMinist posters and table on their campus. People who are interested in joining the campaign can have their picture taken, holding up a poster. In addition to blasting social media with our wonderful and inspiring photos, they will also be showcased at the conference in Indianapolis! Instructions for participation in our campaign are on the flyer. Additionally, we have provided five posters branches can use as a part of their campaign.

Women in STEM Campaign Flyer

Posters for Branches to Use: Women in STEM Campaign

Advocacy Pamphlets

Period Poverty Pamphlet Gun Violence Pamphlet