AMWA Pre-Med Student Leadership Opportunities & Elections

Voting for AMWA Student Elections is now closed.


The following positions are voted upon by national student members each year.

All e-board members

All executive board members must not be in medical school during the duration of their elected term and must be national members (Annual Meeting marks the duration of elected term; March 2024 -March 2025).

All e-board members are responsible for attending the in-person Annual Meeting in March 2025 at to be determined meeting location. There will be grants available for board members to help fund travel and board costs.

All e-board members are also responsible for some participation in social media; short promotional video clips, repost/RT important events – i.e. annual meetings. Required monthly meetings with the executive board (1.5hr max); only 2 excused absences are accepted.

Executive Positions


(2-year term – must have previous National AMWA leadership experience)

The President-Elect will attend each meeting and work closely with the President to ensure a smooth transition as the President-Elect takes the position of President when the original President leaves. The President-Elect will then become President and assume all presidential duties. The President-Elect will also be in charge of updating the AMWA website and conducting elections. This will include drafting at least three reminder E-mails and social media posts throughout an application receipt cycle and election cycle. The President-Elect shall also create and send monthly updates to the AMWA Associate Director for inclusion in the Board Packet *Note, you must have one year of national AMWA leadership experience before running for President-Elect.

Vice President of Recruitment

The Vice President of Recruitment shall preside over the Regional Directors’ meetings (if they are separated from the Leadership calls), create template emails for branch communication, answer branch-creation questions, approve new branches, keep a list of potential branches and organize their submitted information, update the Transition Document, and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the President and Executive Board. Coordinate all aspects of new membership recruitment each fall. The Vice President of Recruitment also works with the External Relations Chair to create, organize, and distribute all AMWA promotional item requests, nurtures the development of new AMWA Premedical branches and continue enrichment of existing branches, trains the incoming Vice President of Recruitment and assists them throughout the following year, and is required to be on the Leadership call and the Regional Directors call every month (if they are separate calls). Note: The Vice President of Recruitment may be absent for two calls before they are placed on probation. The Vice President of Recruitment shall assist the Program Chair with announcing and facilitating the National Mentorship Program partnership with the Medical Student Division. The Vice President of Recruitment shall regularly update the Branch Tracker spreadsheet that includes the annual documents sent by the branches.


The Secretary shall organize and set meetings, including setting up conference call lines and creating agendas. The Secretary shall create and distribute the Monthly Newsletter as well as any other updates that need to be sent out to all Premedical Members. The Secretary shall be in charge of all correspondence and property of AMWA, annual maintenance of the Bylaws, Premedical Guide, and records of academic awards and scholarships.


The Treasurer shall manage the Premedical Division’s funds, establish a budget, propose fundraiser ideas, process reimbursements and ensure fiscal fidelity. The Treasurer shall also work with the Awards Chair to distribute and account for monetary awards, such as travel grants. The Treasurer shall work closely with the Associate Director of AMWA, who distributes checks, and shall report to the President on a monthly basis an account of all transactions. The Treasurer shall also handle the shipment and purchases of AMWA graduation cords and merchandise.

Advocacy Chair

The Advocacy Chair will keep the Board apprised of relevant, current political events. This includes staying informed with “National __ Day / Week / Month” (replacing the “__” with important political or medical topics; e.i., National Breast Cancer Awareness Month or World Immunization Week). The Advocacy Chair will create template letters, text for social media posts, and talking points to assist AMWA members with contacting their Government Representatives. The Advocacy Chair will work closely with the Advocacy Chair of the AMWA Medical Student Division to create social media campaigns and call-in days for pertinent causes, such as the ones detailed on the AMWA website. The Advocacy Chair will also write short paragraphs for the Monthly Newsletter and social media posts to encourage members to get involved with political advocacy. The Advocacy Chair will also provide the President-Elect with relevant information to update the AMWA Advocacy Page.

Awards Chair

The Awards Chair shall work closely with the President-Elect to ensure that all forms for submission, hyperlinks, and deadlines for awards listed on the AMWA website are accurate, complete, and up-to-date. The Awards Chair shall also work closely with the Secretary, Social Media Chair, and the Regional Directors to keep all members informed of the opening and closing of application cycles. This will include at least three reminder E-mails and social media posts throughout an application receipt cycle. The Awards Chair will also coordinate efforts to select and notify recipients, via E-mail, of AMWA awards and scholarships, including travel grants. The Awards Chair will work closely with the Treasurer and Associate Director on selection and distribution of all monetary awards. The Awards Chair shall also coordinate printing and distribution of AMWA Awards at the annual meeting.

Conference Chair

The Conference Chair’s requirements will be broken down into monthly tasks, including a Premedical Conference Committee Call every month, as needed: In April, the Conference Chair will read the Transition Document and update it every month, as needed. The Conference Chair will start spreading the word about the Premedical Conference Committee and recruit AMWA members to join. This committee is open for any AMWA members who are registered with AMWA’s website. Also take some time to acclimate to all the protocols, emails, and leadership responsibilities, ask questions! In May, the Conference Chair will begin forming the AMWA Premedical Conference Committee. In June, send surveys regarding interesting events and topics and review results regarding the 2018 conference. Hold the first Premedical Conference Committee Call to brainstorm ideas for the conference events. In July, review the finalized session ideas, delegate tasks based on interest and expertise to committee members, and form subcommittees for each session. Additionally, add committee members to Asana to assign deadlines and monitor updates. In August, support Premedical Conference Committee to begin planning sessions, guide members in reaching out to proper AMWA contacts in planning sessions, serve as a communication link between the AMWA’s Conference Board and Premedical Board, create a timeline and set of goals for each subcommittee.

In September, begin collaborating with the other Divisions’ Conference Committees. In October, begin securing all speakers for Premedical panels and begin to think about the needed funding and supplies. In November, begin securing all Premedical guest speakers and supplies. In December, organize what has been completed and what needs to be done. Then, assign the needed tasks and communicate with the Executive Director and program committee. In January, continue planning and communicating details with the Executive Director, start finalizing tasks, delegating uncompleted items, and set/stick to deadlines. Write a blurb for the Monthly Newsletter and social media posts for members to buy travel tickets and book hotel rooms. In February, finalize all session ideas. Be sure to have all needed information and all questions answered by the Executive Director. Get organized, complete leftover tasks, and delegate (include hard deadlines). In March, finalize any last minute details, logistics, and final touches. Host a final planning call a few days before the conference. 

External Relations Chair

The External Relations Chair shall maintain and establish contact with other Premedical student organizations, renegotiate Memorandums of Understanding, and organize cross-advertising. They will also maintain good relationships with other divisions of AMWA, such as the Medical Student, Resident, and Physician Divisions. The External Relations Chair will also work with the Vice President of Recruitment to create advertising materials (flyers, presentations, etc.) and organize recruitment efforts. The External Relations Chair shall also identify opportunities to increase awareness of AMWA within medicine and the general public. The External Relations Chair shall spearhead the AMWA Premedical Division Blog and shall organize which authors and topics will be posted each month.

Global Health Chair

The Global Health Chair shall find and organize international programs for AMWA students to attend. The Global Health Chair will also work closely with the Advocacy Chair to bring AMWA’s attention to global issues, specifically those affecting women. This may include assisting with writing blurbs to be sent to the Secretary for the Monthly Newsletter or the Social Media Chair for social media campaigns. The Global Health Chair will also chair the Global Health Committee. As the committee head, the Chair regularly meets with members of the Global Health Committee to brainstorm and plan different awareness and advocacy projects and campaigns, as they relate to global health. These projects may take on the form of social media campaigns (creating graphics about a pertinent global health issue to be shared on the AMWA Premedical Division Instagram), a more in-depth examination into a global health topic (i.e. sharing this information on the Premedical Division Blog), organizing fundraisers to support a particular cause (usually done through AWHS), or any combination of these three.

Social Media Chair

The Social Media Chair shall be responsible for all forms of social media run by the Premedical Division, including the Premedical Division Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The Social Media Chair shall post at least once per week and submit a schedule of posts to be approved to the President prior to each monthly conference call. Once the picture and caption are set, they must be approved by the President before posting. The schedule may change due to specific events, but any changes must be approved by the President. In the event that a post must go out and the President is unavailable, the President-Elect may approve the post. The Social Media Chair shall also follow the hashtags #AMWA and #AMWAPreMed, follow, “Like,” and repost other AMWA Premedical branches’ and students’ posts at least once per week. This means that the Social Media Chair will have at least two posts per week.

Program Chair

The Program Chair shall be responsible for creating, updating, and distributing the Premedical Programming Book to all Premedical AMWA branches. This will facilitate branch programs to be successful across the nation. The Program Chair shall also work closely with the Advocacy Chair and Secretary to contribute national event reminders and branch programming ideas to the Monthly Newsletter. The Program Chair shall direct the National Mentorship Program with the Program Chair of the Medial Student Division as well as in assistance with the Vice President of Recruitment + Region Directors of the Premedical Division.

High School Liaison

The High School Liaison shall be responsible for creation of new branches at high schools, collaborating with regional directors to communicate with high school branches, and development of programming for high school students.

The High School Liaison shall assist interested high school students and conduct outreach to establish branches at their institutions. In doing so, the High School Liaison will collaborate closely with the Regional Directors to communicate with branches, especially once they are established. Once a branch is established, the Regional Directors will handle the majority of communications. Nonetheless, the High School Liaison remains as a point of contact for any high school-specific issues or inquiries.

The High School Liaison shall work closely with the Program Director to strengthen the Be One Teach One program for high school students. The High School Liaison shall work with the Program Director and/or Mentorship Chair to develop and conduct outreach for the High School Mentorship Program.

Regional Directors 1-9

Regional Directors, including Directors of Regions 1-9, shall help create new branches, plan a regional event, manage current branch information, and act as a National Liaison for all Premedical AMWA branches in their respective regions. Regional Directors must CC the Vice President of Recruitment on all branch communication E-mails.

Regional Directors shall assist local members to organize new branches at their undergraduate institutions. Regional Directors should also reach out to at least three schools in their regions per month in an attempt to start a new branch at that college or university. Proof of these attempts must be given to the Vice President of Recruitment by CC them on all new branch attempts.

The Regional Directors will assist the Vice President of Recruitment with organizing the Google Drive for their Regions’ branch documents. This position includes updating the Branch Spreadsheet with contact information by distributing and logging monthly branch updates through the Incentive and Deadlines Form to keep track of changes in branches’ contact information and leadership transitions. Branches will have the option to submit event information and photos via this Form, at which point it is the Regional Director’s duty to pass this information along to the Social Media Chair and Secretary for national recognition of these “Branch Highlights.”

Regional Directors shall assist the Program Chair with announcing and facilitating the National Mentorship Program partnership with the Medical Student Division by notifying their respective branches, informing the corresponding Medical Student Regional Director, and sending out any updates or reminders from the Program Chair regarding the Mentorship Committee. At the beginning of each term, the new Regional Director will send out a request to their respective Medical Student Regional Director. Both Divisions’ Regional Directors will then send out a notification for their respective members to enroll in the National Mentorship Program. After enrollment has ended, the Premedical Regional Director will request a list, via E-mail, of participating medical students from their corresponding Medical Student Regional Director. The Premedical Regional Director will then pair up the participating Premedical students with the participating medical students, via E-mail.