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Admissions Consulting: For Members Only

AMWA is excited to announce a new partnership with Inquarta:  Graduate School Admissions Consulting.  Through this partnership, all AMWA members can receive a free on-line course and video assessment – “What Are My Chances? For Medical School Admissions.”  Valued at $47, this program practically pays for the AMWA Membership!

The Consultation




BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. (“BeMo”) is one of the most sought-after admissions consulting firms in Canada famous for helping students of all backgrounds get into medical school and other professional programs.
We believe everyone deserves access to higher education regardless of racial, cultural and socioeconomic background.
With over 24,000 students, and a success rate of 93.5%, BeMo has helped more students get into competitive programs than any other academic consulting firm in the field.
Our mission is to make admissions fair through our paid mentorship programs, bi-yearly scholarship program for pre-medical and medical students, free blogs and videos, advocacy for access to education, and our research and development of the next generation of admissions screening tools that are better at selecting top performing while remaining fair to all applicants.
Discount Code: CLUBS

Quokka Brew

Quokka Brew is the market’s first caffeinated Jitterless Coffee. Quokka’s patent-pending blend, made of organic amino acids and brain-boosting nootropics, counteracts the jitters and crash from caffeine—without sacrificing any of the energy. Each Quokka Brew is made using fair trade cold brew coffee, rich and creamy oat milk, exotic vanilla from Madagascar, and our jitterless blend.

Email our External Relations Chair to get our Quokka-AMWA discount code!

Test Prep Offers

  • 10% discount to all AMWA members, not exceeding $400, using the promo code: AMWA
  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Access to webinars, workshops, & virtual guest speakers throughout the year
  • Access to the MedSchoolCoach Student Resource Center:
  • MedSchoolCoach provides AMWA members with premed and medical school admissions consulting and exam tutoring to help students become physicians

As an AMWA Premedical member, you have access to free resources regarding financial aid! Their financial aid guide focuses on taking a proactive approach to paying for college, so students can determine their financial needs, make a plan, and maximize the aid they receive through diverse (and sometimes unfamiliar) options. 


  • Kaplan is excited to offer all AMWA members free access to MCAT prep resources!
  • Free 24-page study guide
  • Free events: MCAT Bootcamps, science lessons (Organic Chemistry, Enzyme Inhibition, Metabolism, etc.), strategy sessions, panels, and discussions (e.g. Black Pain Matters: How Historical Medical Assumptions about Black Pain Thresholds Impact Care)
  • Automatic entry to win a $400 Amazon gift card upon registration.
  • For all MCAT-focused event attendees, Kaplan will donate $10 to the Med Supply Drive
  • A chance at winning a $2499 MCAT Course scholarship
  • Access your FREE resources here!

The Princeton Review

  • The Princeton Review is proud to offer all current AMWA members exclusive discounts on their test prep. Simply choose the program that is best for you and the discount will be added at check-out.
  • Save 15% on live prep courses – discount applied at checkout.
  • All members receive 10% off comprehensive one-on-one tutoring packages – discount applied at checkout.
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Tutor The People

  • $200 discount on any bulk study packages.

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Mentorship Opportunities