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BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. (“BeMo”) is one of the most sought-after admissions consulting firms in Canada famous for helping students of all backgrounds get into medical school and other professional programs.
We believe everyone deserves access to higher education regardless of racial, cultural and socioeconomic background.
With over 24,000 students, and a success rate of 93.5%, BeMo has helped more students get into competitive programs than any other academic consulting firm in the field.
Our mission is to make admissions fair through our paid mentorship programs, bi-yearly scholarship program for pre-medical and medical students, free blogs and videos, advocacy for access to education, and our research and development of the next generation of admissions screening tools that are better at selecting top performing while remaining fair to all applicants.

Test Prep Offers

Blueprint MCAT Preparation

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) is a leader in representative MCAT prep. Our Online MCAT Course and Live Online Course options were created by experts with 524+ MCAT scores, including MDs and PhDs. Our students achieve life-changing MCAT score increases—13 points, on average! We’re committed to ensuring our students have the most up-to-date materials and constantly update our MCAT practice tests to reflect the latest AAMC interface and changes.
Get access to a ton of free resources—like two MCAT practice exams, a free trial of our Online Course, and 1600+ MCAT flashcards—when you create a free Blueprint MCAT account. We are excited to offer a 10% discount to AMWA members on Blueprint’s Online Course, tutoring, and Med Admissions. Also, we will be offering 15% on our Live Online course as an additional discounted offer.
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  • 10% discount to all AMWA members, not exceeding $400, login for the promo code
  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Access to webinars, workshops, & virtual guest speakers throughout the year
  • Access to the MedSchoolCoach Student Resource Center:
  • MedSchoolCoach provides AMWA members with premed and medical school admissions consulting and exam tutoring to help students become physicians

As an AMWA Premedical member, you have access to free resources regarding financial aid! Their financial aid guide focuses on taking a proactive approach to paying for college, so students can determine their financial needs, make a plan, and maximize the aid they receive through diverse (and sometimes unfamiliar) options. 


PrepMatch is the world’s first free peer-to-peer CASPer preparation platform. The CASPer is an online situational-judgement assessment used increasingly in professional schools in the United States including a third of all medical schools. PrepMatch was created to solve the problem of the limited resources available for CASPer preparation and the expensive materials that do exist. PrepMatch seeks to make free CASPer preparation equitable and accessible to students across North America, especially students from minority backgrounds. It’s proud to offer AMWA pre-med members a chance to practice and ace their CASPer!


Founded in 2018 by two Ivy League medical school graduates, Pixorize turns the most complex facts covered on the MCAT and USMLE Step 1 exams into easy-to-remember visual stories. Pixorize’s expansive content library includes over 700 mnemonic videos in biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, microbiology, neuroanatomy, psychology, sociology, and other sciences. Join the tens of thousands of students who have gained an edge on their exams by studying visually with Pixorize! Learn more at

Through its partnership with Pixorize, AMWA pre-medical and medical student members receive exclusive discounts on Pixorize subscriptions. Login to access these discounts.

InGenius Prep

InGenius Prep is proud to partner with AMWA as we work to support our students! As an AMWA member, you receive the following benefits:

  • 10% discount on InGenius Prep Medical School Application Counseling, Secondary Application Counseling, and Candidacy Building™ services
  • Access to webinars hosted by Former Admissions Officers from top-ranked medical schools
  • Access to e-resources written by Admissions Experts
  • A free consultation with an Admissions Expert, who will discuss with you your background and goals, evaluate your candidacy, provide you with concrete feedback, and answer any questions that you might have

Schedule a consultation with our team here!

Gold Standard MCAT-Prep

• Giveaway: Gold Standard MCAT Crash Course with two months of free access to three students (total sponsorship value $299) yearly. About the course:
• 10% discount on MCAT prep courses and MCAT practice tests

Tutor The People

  • $200 discount on any bulk study packages.

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