Premedical Student Regions

In addition to national premedical student leadership, AMWA premedical student branches are organized into nine geographic regions. Each region has a regional director who serves as the main contact for each branch within that region. Click on the links below to check out our existing regional branches and connect with our premedical student leaders!

Branches & Regions

Start a Branch Branch Toolkit 2022 Premedical Program Book Programming Resoucres

Premedical Student Branch Resources

Premedical student branches play a vital role in the AMWA Premedical Student experience by providing support and resources for their members, as well as valuable leadership and mentoring opportunities. Branches organize local events and facilitate interactions and connection with national AMWA initiatives and leadership. Branch leaders also act as the face of AMWA on their school campuses. We encourage premedical student members to affiliate with their local institutional branches to get the most from their AMWA membership.

In order to help you serve your members better, AMWA has developed resources tailored to local branch leaders. Please see the Branch Toolkit for the following:

  • Updated Premedical Program Book!
  • New Branch Checklist
  • Active Branch Standards
  • Annual Report
  • Transition Checklist
  • Meeting Presentation Templates
  • How to Fundraise
  • How to Start a Women Matter, Period petition
  • And much more…

AMWA has also developed resources to help branches in hosting AMWA meetings and events, and much more! Please refer to the Programming Resources for help with events.

Thinking of starting a branch at your institution? Click here to learn more!

Thinking of hosting a Regional Conference and seeking Regional Grants?

  • Email our Treasurer ( with your estimated budget to see if you qualify to receive a national regional conference grant. 

Looking for AMWA logos to use for your branch’s personal use? See here!