Welcome to the AMWA Premedical Division!


Welcome to the AMWA Premedical Division!


The great thing about AMWA is it puts you in touch with a network of other medical students who are interested in things like similar research or a similar women's health issue and a network of physicians... our members are exceptionally eager to work together and collaborate.

Adrienne Clark, M.D.

I first joined AMWA as a medical student because I wanted to learn about more ways to advance my career- when I joined I learned that mentorship was more than just advice. Mentors thought of me for open positions and helped me find a job. This was instrumental in advancing my career.

Ryan Smith, M.D

Through AMWA I traveled to Uganda to work in a public health care clinic as well as visiting schools for malaria education.... It was one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences of my life and that wouldn't have been possible unless I had joined AMWA and become an Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellow.

Savitha Bonthala, D.O./M.P.H.

Branches and Regions

Find your closest branch to connect with the AMWA members around you or start a new branch to spread the word and get more powerful women involved!

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This year is the 108th AMWA conference! We will be hosting various Pre-Medical Sessions including resume/CV reviews, networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and more.

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News and Event Updates

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Our division puts advocacy work at the forefront of our goals and we organize several advocacy projects throughout the year. Premedical AMWA members can join our new Premedical Advocacy Committee to plan and execute advocacy projects that they are interested in.

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AMWA is your organization. Shape the future of women’s health by becoming a part of the national leadership team.

Awards & Scholarships

AMWA offers unique grants, scholarships, and awards to recognize your dedication to advancing women in medicine.

Membership Benefits

Learn more about the discounts and partnerships available to AMWA members, including members-only discount codes for test prep, financial planning, and more.  


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While there is roughly an equal number of men and women in medicine, female physicians make significantly less than male physicians and hold fewer academic and leadership positions. Women from many different backgrounds still face numerous obstacles entering a career in medicine. As an organization, we are committed to promoting women in medicine and advocating for women’s health. Explore our website and see why you should join AMWA’s Premedical Division!

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