Michelle Ofreneo, MD

Medical Specialty: Anesthesiology

Focus: General Life Coaching for High Achieving Women

I have been that woman in the high stress environment… juggling all the hats as physician, mom, spouse… Working through overcoming my perfectionism, self-doubt, and people-pleasing. Feeling like I’m on survival mode so much of the time. Feeling alone. Feeling burned out. Checking off all the boxes of what a successful and happy life should look like, and yet still feeling like something is missing. I had tried to DIY my personal development. I read the self-help books, listened to podcasts, tried meditation and yoga. I understood what I needed to do intellectually. But it wasn’t until I personally experienced coaching that I got the guidance and traction to overcome my old thought patterns and reactive habits, and my first session was exactly the shift that I needed. It forever changed the trajectory of my life and my relationships at work, at home, and with myself. The thing is, we work so hard to get where we are. Physician women, You matter. And so I help other high achieving women stress less, thrive more, and perform at the highest version of themselves so they can create a life that actually FEELS as good as it looks on paper.