Laura Berenstain, MD, FASA, ACC, TIPC

Medical Specialty: Anesthesiology (Pediatric Cardiac)

Focus: Work-life Integration, Transition, and Leadership

I’ve combined an academic career and parenthood (I have 3 daughters) and know well the personal and professional challenges that exist for women physicians. Coaching has been the most satisfying endeavor of my career (and I loved peds cardiac a lot!) It helped me survive and thrive after burnout, reframing my mindset and realizing that the issues I faced in medicine were systemic, not personal, and that I could be part of positive change for others. Coaching lets us integrate and develop our potential in both our personal and professional lives. I especially like coaching women at times of personal and/or professional transition. Though we usually don’t give ourselves enough credit, we are all leaders, and the intentional development of a leadership identity is another of my coaching interests. I’m also certified in Mindfulness Meditation and Trauma informed Coaching. In addition to AMWA, I’m a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists Professional Development, Physician Well-being and Mentoring Committees and serve as an Advisory Board member, coach, and Well-being Chair for the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia’s Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Initiative (WELI).