Fabienne Moore, MD, MPH, ACC

Specialty: Coaching

Focus: ELEVATE 1on1, Leadership. Emotional intelligence. Embodiment

Fabienne Moore helps leaders reconnect to their motivation and confidence so that they can think more clearly and solve problems more creatively. A Neuroleadership Institute-trained coach, she combines cutting edge neuroscience with keen somatic awareness to set the stage for powerful shifts that last well beyond the coaching engagement. Grounded in the science of how adults learn, change and are motivated, she guides clients into the wisdom of their distributed nervous system, reintegrating IQ with EQ, mind with body. Tapping into this integrated intelligence generates powerful insights. And her coaching process harnesses that “Aha!” energy into high-impact action. Fabienne believes that coaching is only effective when the client owns their own insights and solutions. She holds the space for clients to reflect and make those new discoveries with warmth, incisive questions, and humor. Her clients consistently feel refreshed and inspired after a session with her.

A physician with clinical training in general surgery, Fabienne has worked in health care consulting and physician leader development for nearly two decades, as a leader (Constella Group, The Advisory Board Company) and executive (Sound Physicians). She has advised hospital and health system boards on strategy and worked with physician leaders at all career stages. She understands the unique challenges that physician leaders face—being tapped to lead based on your clinical acumen, leading a team of peers, having responsibility without authority—and has successfully supported many leaders through those challenges. A New Yorker by birth (and at heart), Fabienne now happily makes her home in Atlanta, GA.