Medical Specialty: General Pediatrics, Early Childhood

Focus: General, Leadership Development

Elaine Donoghue is an academic general pediatrician who graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency at Emory University.  She has been practicing and teaching pediatrics for over 30 years and served as Vice Chair for Academic Affairs and DIO at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania.  

Elaine has a long-standing interest in early childhood that began while she was providing child protection and foster care consultation in New Jersey in the 1990s.   She has served in leadership positions in American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) early childhood entities from 2005-2018 and was lead author of the AAP policy statement in Quality Early Childhood Education in 2017.  Her experiences with children with special health care needs led her to co-author Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools with Dr. Colleen Kraft.    She served on the Executive Committees of both the NJ and PA chapters of the AAP.  She was a CATCH facilitator (small grants given through the AAP) in NJ for 5 years and a CATCH co-facilitator for Florida for two years.  Elaine loves to start new programs and loves to distribute seed money to others who share that passion.

Elaine served as a coach for a USF medical student program for 4 years, which greatly influenced her approach to leadership development.  She moved to Gainesville, Florida in early 2019 and is currently running a leadership development course for residents and fellows.  She has also coached early career pediatricians through the AAP YPLA program.  She became an ICF certified coach in 2022.

Elaine and her husband, who is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, have raised two daughters from prenatal ultrasound to college graduation and recent motherhood themselves!  She would be delighted to share pictures of her new grandchildren in Mexico and Atlanta. When not doing these other endeavors, Elaine likes to kayak, read and travel.