Dympna Weil, MD

Medical Specialty: OB/GYN

Focus: General Life coaching, Physicians, Mind-Body; also am coaching in AMWA EVOLVE this year

As physicians, we inherently treat others with kindness and compassion. We are trained and further conditioned to do so. But often, we forget – or worse – never learn – how to show ourselves compassion and kindness. And our medical training omitted this essential lesson. 

I am a physician coach who has experienced the power of coaching first hand. Recognizing how this modality would have served me in past chapters of my life, I have chosen to share my empathic skills and the gift of coaching with others. The essence of my work is to honor our common humanity, lead with love, and coach other physicians wherever they are along their journey in medicine – to learn to love the ordinary, welcome the extraordinary and to embrace their unique opportunity to profoundly impact this world in whatever ways they choose.

Reconnect with your own humanity, learn to cultivate kindness and self-compassion through coaching. Come join me where intellect meets intuition.