Denee Choice, MD, MMM

Medical Specialty: Consulting, Training, Facilitation

Focus: Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching for Physicians

Dr. Denee Choice, MD, MMM is a double board-certified MD, a seasoned health and wellness industry executive, program design consultant for healthcare organizations, author, speaker, and certified professional coach. Denee helps busy, successful, executives and physician leaders curate their ideal career and personal life without overwork, over-stress, or burnout through 1:1 and group coaching.

I want to ease the path to leadership for women physicians. I believe all women physicians are leaders but many don’t take on formal leadership roles because either (1) they don’t resonate with the stereotypical masculine leadership style, or (2) have been passed over for formal leadership opportunities, often for less qualified male colleagues. I love to help emerging leaders find their voice of influence, and help seasoned leaders amplify their impact.”