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AMWA is excited to be serving as the fiscal agent for SeniorFusion, a new Oakland, California-based initiative.

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As the population of seniors in the U.S. grows, so too does the technology designed to serve them. Yet, few seniors fully embrace technology solutions that could improve their lives. This may be due to lack of knowledge, information overload, frustration as to where to start, or belief that it is cost prohibitive.

According to a 2016 AARP study on caregiving and technology, 71% of caregivers were interested in using innovative technology to support caregiving tasks, yet only 7% used it.

SeniorFusion was established in December 2018 to address this gap. Its main goal is to improve elders’ health and safety and reduce social isolation through increased adoption of high- and low-tech solutions.

With the numbers of seniors over the age of 65 projected to nearly double by 2050 coupled with the anticipated shortage of home care workers, we’re seeing a growth in smart technologies for older adults that could help them age in place and remain independent.

Women Living Longer:

Women as Caregivers:

Women & Specific Needs

Women are more likely to have functional limitations than men. In 2009, about 46 percent of female Medicare enrollees age 65+ had difficulty with activities of daily living (ADLs) or were in a facility, compared with 35 percent of their male counterparts.

AMWA SeniorFusion — Improving the Health of Older Women


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