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Preventive Medicine Task Force


Preventive Medicine Task Force at AMWA’s 101st Annual Meeting in Miami, Florida

VADM Dr. Vivek Murthy receives AMWA Presidential award from 2014-15 AMWA President Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

VADM Dr. Vivek Murthy receives AMWA Presidential award from 2014-15 AMWA President Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

Preventive Medicine Task Force with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy at AMWA centennial

Preventive Medicine Task Force with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy at AMWA centennial



Founded by Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla during her 2013-2014 President-elect year, she leads the team using this initiative as her main platform during her term of office as the 2014-2015 AMWA President and for future efforts as chair of the task force. Dr. Haffizulla’s passion for disease prevention and for the promotion of nationwide good health, fitness and wellness guides the team on innovative, empowered approaches in support of the National Prevention Strategy’s seven priorities. For more information on the National Prevention Strategy, visit

In its current project, the Preventive Medicine Task Force is targeting universities across the nation to implement wellness programs and increase their students’ access  to healthy foods and behaviors. The first institution to create a department focusing on the wellness of students and faculty was the University of Miami. Visit their wellness webpage here.

The Preventive Medicine Task Force Force has brought preventive care solutions right to your favorite mobile device, utilizing a new mobile based app, called AMWA Preventive Services. In this mobile environment, patients and health care professionals alike have access to preventive health care programs from national, state, and local sources all aggregated in one easily accessible location. Overall, the goal of this new website based application is to promote women’s wellness and family health, taking into account the myriad of issues that plague our nation’s population. The team aims to increase the accessibility of local preventive services, in turn helping to promote healthier daily habits and instill a healthier lifestyle for patients of all ages. The input and perspectives of several physicians from the community have optimized the development of the app, serving best both patients and medical professionals. Position papers and information via various media and various community programs will be utilized to disseminate valuable updates and information to patients and medical professionals alike.

Other core team members include our co-chair Dr. Connie Newman, secretary and student co-chair, Victoria Silverman, treasurer and resident co-chair, Parin Patel, and our technology director, Karam Alawa. Other members include Akhila Gummi, Amanda Velazquez, Dr. Lynda Kabbash, Dr. Chemen Tate and Dr. Carlos Pulido. Assisting the core members are several affiliate experts contributing their advice and direction to yield the most effective product.

Our website can be viewed here. Victoria Silverman can be contacted at and Dr. Haffizulla can be contacted at

Current Projects

Obesity Presentation for Healthcare Professionals

Healthy Cookbook

Healthy People 2020: webinars and videos

Preventive Medicine Task Force Mobile Application

Walk/Bike Ride from Miami to Washington D.C. to Promote Physical Activity and Exercise

Preventive Medicine Task Force Gym Duffle Bags and Hand Sanitizer (for sale with other AMWA merchandise)

Various Fitness and Wellness Events

Recent & Upcoming Events

Youth Compendium of Physical Activities Webinar- More information here. Register here.

Dec 6, 2017  at 3PM

National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

Oct 21, 2015

National Policy and Scientific Summit For Women’s Cardiovascular Health
Oct 26-27, 2015

National Obesity Care Week
Nov 1-7, 2015

ObesityWeek in Los Angeles, CA
Nov 2-7, 2015

Campaign to End Obesity Advocacy Days in Washington, DC
Nov 17-18, 2015

iGiants South Florida Health Roundtable- Hosted/Moderated by Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

December 2015

2016 Events:

February is Heart Health Awareness Month

Preventive Medicine 2016 in Washington, DC
Feb 24-27, 2016

2016 Webinar Series- Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living through Partnerships and the National Prevention Strategy
Feb 18, 2016- Nov 17, 2016- click here for specific dates.

March is National Nutrition Month

April 6th is National Walking Day

Healthy Campus 2020

National Office of Women’s Health Meeting on Opioid Use, Abuse, and Overdose in Women    September 29-30, 2016

Walk With A Doc program – Venue/Date TBA- see 2017 Events below

2017 Events:

Walk With A Doc Program

Every month at Volunteer Park, Plantation, Florida- see details here

For more events, view AMWA’s current NewsFlash here.

Learn More About Our Team:

Meet the Team

Position Papers:

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Screening in Adults


Android Application

AMWA Preventive Services Application

AMWA Preventive Medicine APP picture one


STOP Obesity Pamphlet Women's Heart Health Pamphlet AMWA Resident Division Nutrition and Fitness Manual

Pledge to be healthy here with the Global CEO Pledge for Physical Activity from the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity

Get the latest medical and professional news on AMWA’s NewsFlash

Alcohol and Breast Cancer: Reconciling Epidemiological and Molecular Data

Smoking Cessation

Dr. Connie Newman, PMTF’s Co-chair and AMWA Liaison to the National Obesity Care Week Campaign, wrote an op-ed in the New Jersey Herald. Read more here about obesity as a serious disease and how patients should be treated with respect.

AMWA President, Dr. Haffizulla stands in strong support of access to Preventive Services for women with disabilities. Read more about “Improving the Receipt of Clinical Preventive Services among Women with Disabilities

AMWA President, Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla, hosts a series of public service messages with Mission Critical Health – click here for the full series

Preventive Medicine Task Force member, Dr. Amanda Velasquez, published the Clinical Nutrition Basics for Medical Students

Dr. Connie Newman, PMTF’s expert on dyslipidemia, statins, and obesity, published an article in JAMA concerning Statin Intolerance

Dr. Newman also represents AMWA and our task force through a new alliance with the National Forum for the Prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke

National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity

AMWA Partners with The Obesity Society for Education about Obesity Prevention and Treatment

Healthy, Humble and Hungry: A Healthy campaign by Triple Olympic Medalist Katie Hoff

Visit the website for more ways to keep your workforce committed to action.

A complete list of CEO Pledge signers is here.

Women’s Health Week 2015, click here for brochure.

Regular Exercise is Part of Your Job
Putting a Price Tag on Employee Fitness
The Dangers of Sitting Too Long

Click here to view AMWA’s certificate.

Patient Resources

Mission Critical Health Series

Pre-Op CHG Bathing

Antimicrobial Properties of Copper

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Chronic Disease Nutrition

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