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Preventive Medicine Task Force


Preventive Medicine Task Force at AMWA’s 101st Annual Meeting in Miami, Florida

VADM Dr. Vivek Murthy receives AMWA Presidential award from 2014-15 AMWA President Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

VADM Dr. Vivek Murthy receives AMWA Presidential award from 2014-15 AMWA President Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

Preventive Medicine Task Force with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy at AMWA centennial

Preventive Medicine Task Force with Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy at AMWA centennial






The Preventive Medicine Task Force (PMTF) aims to improve health, wellness and fitness by increasing awareness about disease prevention and treatment among the medical community and the public.  The Task Force brings together AMWA physicians, medical students, and residents, and includes physician experts in many disciplines, including cardiovascular disease prevention, cervical cancer and HPV, lung disease, obesity, osteoarthritis and osteopenia, and sex and gender differences in disease.

The PMTF was founded in 2013 by Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla, AMWA President 2014-2015, with the aim of developing innovative approaches to major U.S. health concerns.  Under her direction, the AMWA Preventive Medicine Services Android App was created as a means of accessing preventive health service programs locally and nationally.

Today the PMTF has a variety of programs that address disease states and general health, often with a focus on women.

Leaders of the PMTF inclde: Dr. Amanda Velazquez, Dr. Kim Templeton, Dr. Connie Newman, Dr. Shanaz Fatteh,Victoria Silverman, Cheryl Cheah, and Lauren Engel.  Dr. Victoria Silverman can be contacted at and Dr. Connie Newman at

PMTF Initiatives

AMWA Preventive Services Android App

Bone and Joint Health

HPV and Cervical Cancer


Obesity and Weight Management

Opioid Addiction in Women

Pulmonary, Allergy and Immunology

Wellness and Physical Activity

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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Screening in Adults

Android Application

AMWA Preventive Services Application

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STOP Obesity Pamphlet Women's Heart Health Pamphlet AMWA Resident Division Nutrition and Fitness Manual

Pledge to be healthy here with the Global CEO Pledge for Physical Activity from the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity

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Alcohol and Breast Cancer: Reconciling Epidemiological and Molecular Data

Smoking Cessation

Dr. Connie Newman, PMTF’s Co-chair and AMWA Liaison to the National Obesity Care Week Campaign, wrote an op-ed in the New Jersey Herald. Read more here about obesity as a serious disease and how patients should be treated with respect.

AMWA President, Dr. Haffizulla stands in strong support of access to Preventive Services for women with disabilities. Read more about “Improving the Receipt of Clinical Preventive Services among Women with Disabilities

AMWA President, Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla, hosts a series of public service messages with Mission Critical Health – click here for the full series

Preventive Medicine Task Force member, Dr. Amanda Velasquez, published the Clinical Nutrition Basics for Medical Students

Dr. Connie Newman, PMTF’s expert on dyslipidemia, statins, and obesity, published an article in JAMA concerning Statin Intolerance

Dr. Newman also represents AMWA and our task force through a new alliance with the National Forum for the Prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke

National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity

AMWA Partners with The Obesity Society for Education about Obesity Prevention and Treatment

Healthy, Humble and Hungry: A Healthy campaign by Triple Olympic Medalist Katie Hoff

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A complete list of CEO Pledge signers is here.

Women’s Health Week 2015, click here for brochure.


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The Dangers of Sitting Too Long

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Mission Critical Health Series

Pre-Op CHG Bathing

Antimicrobial Properties of Copper

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Chronic Disease Nutrition

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