Physician Well-Being

Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.” — Hippocrates


When it comes to physician well-being, there isn’t a one size fits all. The path in medicine differs for each person. Work-place flexibility, programs that support family building and self-care, policies that mitigate burnout, strategies for improving work-life integration, and peer and coaching support are all ways to improve physician well-being. By advocating for these changes, AMWA helps ensures a better future for every physician. Learn about what we are doing and join us to help expand our work. Let AMWA be your platform for change, locally and nationally.


Reframing medical licensure questions is important to removing barriers to care-seeking so that mental health treatment is normalized. Women physicians have a higher suicide mortality rate when compared with women in other professions.


While there is no magic recipe for success, the key is to understand the “spheres” in your life and the dynamic that drives each one. Check our our Work-Life Integration Toolkit for practical strategies in juggling a multitude of responsibilities.


For those who choose to have a family, AMWA is here to support you in advocating for flexible policies and paid leave. Yet 1 in 4 women physicians experience infertility. Help increase awareness, knowledge, and advocacy on this important issue.



Tap into one of AMWA’s greatest resources – mentoring. The diversity of our community is one of our greatest assets, creating opportunities to learn from one another and form meaningful connections.


Explore the medical humanities with AMWA through artdancefilmhistorymusictheater, and writing — and rekindle your love for medicine. Learn about AMWA’s Artist in Residence program.


Experience the magic of coaching through AMWA’s programs that support peer, group, and 1:1 professional coaching. Become a better, more confident leader through executive coaching.