Physician Well-Being

Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.” — Hippocrates


Burnout rates among physicians is at an all-time high, and women physicians, in particular, face additional work-place challenges of gender discrimination and harassment as well as responsibilities on the home front. The COVID-19 pandemic also led to a rollback of advances made by women across all professions. Read more about this in the AMWA Korn Ferry report, Women in Medicine: Setting an Agenda for Change. Learn about AMWA’s initiatives below to support women in medicine, mitigate burnout, and address mental health care.


Reframing medical licensure questions is important to removing barriers to care-seeking so that mental health treatment is normalized and encouraged. Women physicians have a significantly higher suicide mortality rate when compared with women in other professions.


While there is no magic recipe for success, the key to more effective work-life “balance” is to understand the “spheres” in your life and the dynamic that drives each one. Check our our Work-Life Integration Toolkit for practical strategies in juggling a multitude of responsibilities.


Women physicians experience infertility at a rate double that of the general population. Help increase awareness, knowledge, and advocacy on this important issue so that together, we can change the landscape of physician fertility. Learn about AMWA’s Physician Fertility Summit.