AMWA Initiatives

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Obesity is a complex disease with serious co-morbidities, including cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The prevalence of obesity in the United States is close to 40% in adults. The Preventive Medicine Taskforce of AMWA aims to educate health care practitioners and the public about obesity, its co-morbidities, pathophysiology, and management- including lifestyle, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery.

AMWA PMTF initiatives include:

  1. Educational materials:
    Access the “Obesity: Overview for Healthcare Practitioners” PPT.
  2. Collaborations with organizations with similar interests:
    AMWA is assisting the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance Alliance (OAAA) in its efforts to reduce osteoarthritis through weight management. Access the June 2019 OAAA newsletter featuring AMWA.
  3. Participation in conferences:
    AMWA members lecture on the importance of weight reduction, as well as sex differences in obesity. AMWA developed a symposium for the 2019 MWIA Centennial: “Obesity a Global Health Crisis.” This symposium features lectures by AMWA members Dr. Katherine Saunders (“Treatment of Obesity in 2019”) and Dr. Connie Newman (“Sex Differences in Obesity”).
  4. Development of a curriculum for obesity education:
    AMWA has worked with the Obesity Medical Education Collaborative on developing competencies for medical student and graduate education on obesity, and has endorsed these competencies. Access the report published in Obesity in June 2019
  5. National Obesity Care Week partner:
    AMWA participated  in the first National Obesity Care Week, and continues to participate.  This campaign, which occurs the first week of November, highlights the importance of obesity and its comorbidities, and the options for weight management.