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Obesity is a complex disease with serious co-morbidities, including cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The prevalence of obesity in the United States is  42.5% in adults. AMWA aims to educate healthcare practitioners and the public about obesity, its co-morbidities, pathophysiology, and management- including lifestyle, pharmacotherapy, and bariatric surgery.

Obesity Roundtable Proceedings: Women and the Obesity Epidemic

Organizations participating in the Roundtable include: ACOG ADCES, ABC, HealthyWomen, NPWH, NCOA, NON, NBNA PCNA, and WomenHeart



Women and the Obesity Epidemic

Proceedings from AMWA’s stakeholder roundtable to discuss the growing epidemic of obesity and its impact on women.

Education & Resources

Access tools for obesity education for both practitioners and patients that promote understanding and empathy.

Obesity Competencies

AMWA worked with the Obesity Medical Education Collaborative on competencies for medical student and graduate education on obesity.



Join AMWA’s efforts to support legislation and policies that would improve access to obesity treatment. Check out employee health plan coverage. Advocacy Fact sheet.

Partnerships and Alliances        

AMWA is a partner of various coalitions, including Obesity Care Week, the Stop Obesity Alliance, and the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (OAAA).

Outreach and Publications
AMWA members and allies are active in promoting education, research, publications, and presentations on obesity. Learn more.