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The professional development program, developed by women physicians for women medical students, to pass along lessons learns and to create the space to explore issues that are encountered by women in training and throughout a career in medicine. We know that women in medicine face many challenges that impact them at each stage of their career; many of which are not experienced by our male colleagues.


Program Goals

  • To address gender-specific  topics not usually covered in a traditional curriculum
  • To acknowledge that women face challenges, obstacles, and biases that men do not experience
  • To empower participants to pursue the career that they desire through education and skill enhancement
  • To address the challenges of work-life integration/conflict that are amplified in women
  • To improve personal resilience and develop strategies to combat burnout both from an individual perspective and from an institutional focus.
  • To address the importance of awareness of the biological drivers of reproduction that often compete with the timing of career goals.
  • To expose students to successful women faculty who can serve as role models
  • To enhance the supportive community of the AMWA student branch
  • To address the amplification of challenges posed by the intersectionality of race, gender and other issues

We hope to support and inspire medical students by passing along our insights and experiences while working in medicine, and in conversations with other women.

Program Details

Each AMWA IGNITE session runs approximately 90 minutes and may include didactic presentations, panel discussions, group learning, video presentations, and ZOOM lectures.  The curriculum is available on the AMWA website to all enrolled branches.

Program Requirements

In order to participate in the program, we require an active AMWA student branch with a faculty champion who agrees to help coordinate the presentations according to the guidelines of the IGNITE program.

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About Us

AMWA IGNITE was founded in the summer of 2019 and was an initiative developed by Julia Files, MD and core faculty from Mayo Clinic. The program was originally developed in response to one of the most alarming statistics in medicine: the rising rate of physician burnout which disproportionately affects women. IGNITE’s goal is to address drivers of burnout early in the career path of women physicians, utilizing innovative learning models in the setting of AMWA student branches. AMWA accepted the proposal to develop the IGNITE program with the goal of providing the curriculum to every medical school with an active AMWA branch. The program has been piloted at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, and Wayne State University College of Medicine. The student leaders working in the pilot sites have provided critical input and feedback in the development of the program.  We are indebted to them for their tireless efforts. We would like to recognize the help of resident and student leaders in the development of IGNITE:

  • Wayne State: Emma Drenth, Akanksha Vaishnav, Ryan Melikian, Hannah Shuman
  • Mayo Clinic: Charlotte Pougnier, Jordan Dutcher
  • Brown University: Chung Sang Tse, MD

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