AMWA Strives for Equity for Women in Medicine and within Healthcare


The second pillar of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) mission is Equity. Our aim is to foster a community of women in medicine and our allies who will break down barriers and seek strategies to achieve equality in our profession and across healthcare. This stems from a recognition that intersectionality perpetuates a longstanding discrimination and bias in gender, race, sexual orientation, and other factors, including disability, age, religion, education, and socioeconomics. For women physicians to find an equal footing in medicine, we must change the culture of medicine so everyone can excel and contribute without bias.

The AMWA Council on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion sets the tone and standards for our membership efforts both in leadership and member engagement as much as through our initiatives, programs, and statements.

Our priories include:

Gender Equity

One of AMWA’s foundational priorities is to foster an environment and provide opportunities for all women in medicine to rise to their fullest potential, achieving equal pay, professional recognition, and career advancement. Our strategies are realized with our Gender Equity EmpowerHER Summit and through our Revolution by Resolution campaign as well as our partnership in the Gender Equity in Academic Medicine and Science (GEMS) Alliance. Learn more about our gender equity work.

Racial Equity

AMWA seeks to counter antiracism to counter antidiscriminatory bias in medicine both for practitioners and those in training as much for our patients. We want assure that our Black, Indigenous, and other people of color are given a just chance to succeed, and we expect our members to mirror the patient population. 

LGBTQ+ Equity

AMWA seeks to reduce healthcare disparities based on gender, sex, and sexual orientation.

Rural Equity  

Every individual should have access to the same affordable, high quality healthcare. Advocacy for access regardless of zip code, income, or other intersectional factors. 


AMWA champions strategies to improve and expand access to medical care and coverage and seeks initiatives that address predatory behaviors with the aim of eliminating gender-based violence such as human trafficking, and gun violence.