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Diabetes: Insulin and Blood Sugar Management

Insulin Simulator
Click on the icon above to access the Insulin Simulator tool and begin exploring the
impact of your treatment choices on glycemic metrics for hypothetical patients.

Insulin Simulator Userguide

Download the Quick Start Guide (above) to help you navigate the Insulin Simulator Tool.

Insulin Simulator video

The newly developed Insulin Simulator is an online interactive tool that lets healthcare professionals (HCPs) create and evaluate a variety of insulin regimens for a diverse set of hypothetical patients with varied characteristics. The Insulin Simulator is designed to help HCPs understand the impact of different insulin doses and types on blood glucose values. Dr. Diana Isaacs will provide a demonstration of the Insulin Simulator. Click on the graphic above.

Tip Sheets for Healthcare Practitioners to Give Patients

Tip Sheets for Healthcare Practitioners

  • Using Smart Pen Platform Data to Inform Insulin Management:
  • The Importance of Using Medicine Early in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

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