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Overseas Assistance Grants

The AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant program provides travel grants for medical students and residents working in clinics around the world.  Students have traveled to a number of countries ranging from Uganda, Peru, India, Nepal, South Africa.

Of a doctor in a rural healthcare center in India, one student wrote, “She is one of those rare and inspiring mentors who become like a voice in a person’s conscience for the rest of their days and I know that my time with her will affect the way that I practice medicine and view healthcare for the rest of my career.”

Read more about some of the remarkable experiences these dedicated young physicians-in-training have had:

Application Process

The AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant provides assistance with transportation costs up to $1,000 connected with pursuing medical studies in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit. The grants are awarded to national full AMWA student members completing their second, third or fourth year of an accredited U.S. medical or osteopathic medical school or to full AMWA resident members.  Applicants must spend a minimum of four weeks and no longer than one year in a sponsored program which will serve the needs of the medically under-served.

For more information contact There are application guidelines to assist you.

Overseas Assistance Grant Application

Application Dates

January 5
July 5

Decision By
February 1
August 1