Aid to Ukraine: Equipping Front-Line Providers

“The need is great — but the power of humanity, even greater.”


For over a century, the American Medical Women’s Association has responded to the call for aid in all areas of the world. These efforts began in 1917 with the founding of the American Women’s Hospitals Service, an outgrowth of the desire for women physicians to serve in the relief efforts of WWI. What began then with hospital units funded and staffed by AMWA members continues to this day, providing relief funds to programs large and small during times of crisis and charitable aid to fund medical care in underserved areas. We have been active over the past year in raising funds for efforts in Afghanistan, India, Uganda, and more.


Please help us in our efforts to support Ukraine, particularly first responders as ongoing destruction by war continues. We are working with NOVA Ukraine to support their First Responders efforts. “With each missile strike or shell that hits a Ukrainian city, a brave team of first responders arrives on scene to put out a fire in someone’s home, office, or factory. Equipment and basic supplies, from firefighters’ clothing to fire trucks, are required more than ever.” The time to act is now.


Thanks to a generous donor, we have a matching fund campaign for the first $5000 in donations, so your donation will go even further.