Humanitarian Aid for Afghanistan

“The need is great – but the power of humanity, even greater.”


The UN World Food Programme has declared the situation in Afghanistan to be the worst humanitarian crisis on earth — with a projection of 23 million people who will face starvation and of that, 9 million at risk of famine. See the recent CNN report.

AMWA recently held a webinar with women physicians from Afghanistan to hear firsthand accounts of the situation there. International women physicians joined in solidarity on the call. AMWA members can access the recording through their membership portal.

The American Medical Women’s Association is joining with International Orphan Care (IOC), Myna, and Nuruzan to raise funds for food, supplies, and more. Collectively, we can have an impact that individually we cannot. Please consider a donation of any amount – even $10-$15 to help these efforts. And if you are willing, consider setting up a fundraising page as part of the Afghanistan team – and inviting your contacts to support you in these efforts.

Funds raised under the Afghanistan team will go directly to aid for Afghanistan through International Orphan Care and other opportunities for providing medical resources in the country that will reach the people.

Thank you in advance for your support.