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New Opportunity for Local Branches! AMWA is inviting you to share your local information on the national website.  Please submit your information to

Start A Local Branch

Do you want to organize a group of women in medicine in your area?

Starting a local AMWA branch is easy, simply follow the checklist below.

  1. Apply for an IRS tax ID number (a simple task) to comply with current IRS rules
  2. Sign the attached AMWA Branch Affiliation Agreement
  3. Fill out the AMWA Branch Affiliation Information Sheet
  4. Develop by-laws for your branch and elect officers consistent with AMWA policies
  5. Fill out the excel spreadsheet of your members
  6. Apply for tax-exempt status on your own, request group exemption under AMWA National’s tax-exemption, or exist as a taxable business entity.
  7. Submit documents to AMWA Headquarters at

That’s it! Now, gather your group together and network to advance your careers!

Gather your branch together to facilitate discussions on career advancement topics such as negotiating the pay divide, gender equity, mentoring, networking, and leadership. As National Members of AMWA you are eligable for Branch Support Grants. Apply for Branch support by submitting your proposal to

Connect Locally and Nationally!

AMWA offers many opportunities for you to advance your career. As you connect with our online communities you will identify colleagues with skills you hope to learn or job positions you hope to obtain. Connect with these women and learn from them! You can sign up to provide or receive mentoring in our member database or email Your relationships within AMWA will lead to speaking engagements, mentoring relationships, leadership opportunities and job positions. Don’t forget to attend our largest networking event of the year the AMWA National Meeting! Check this website for details.

Ideas for Your Next Branch Event!

Negotiating the Pay Divide
Mentoring & Networking Evening Social

Wine & Cheese Mentoring & Networking Event
Muffins with Mentors