Step into Committee Leadership

AMWA has a robust list of initiatives and many opportunities to get involved with a committee or working group. We always welcome those who are interested in helping to co-chair a committee. Usually, the first step is to become a committee member, then a committee vice-chair, and then a committee co-chair. Within each committee, our goal is to have leaders at all levels. Chairs of all committees are appointed by the AMWA President-Elect and are asked to serve a 2-3 year renewable term at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. We welcome new ideas, lots of energy, and an enthusiasm to move initiatives forward. We encourage anyone interested in volunteering as a committee co-chair to step up by sending an email to:

When Committees decide to meet regularly, they will establish a monthly meeting time and date, and a Zoom link will be set up and shared with members.

Below is a partial list of some of the committees which are active in AMWA. View our full list of initiatives to learn about more committees. To join a committee, click on the join button on that committee’s webpage.

The American Women’s Hospitals Service (AWHS) Committee

In keeping with AMWA’s mission to improve care to the medically underserved, AWHS, a project of the AMWA Foundation, provides on-going funding to small, community-based, non- profit clinics and hospitals that give care to the medically underserved. It also continues to identify additional clinics and projects for the poor that receive limited financial support, are staffed and directed by women physicians and focus on medical care for all with the emphasis on the care of women and children. It regularly reviews its commitment to clinics and hospitals it supports attempting to provide funds to clinics that give the most direct patient care. AWHS also provides funding to women medical students and residents who travel to medically underserved areas in the U.S. and abroad to work in approved Program/CMEs that care for the medically underserved.

Annual Meeting/Program

The Annual Meeting/Program Committee works with Headquarters to plan events surrounding the Annual Meeting. This Committee makes a recommendation to the Board on what organization to align with for the Annual Meeting, identifiers speakers/guests to invite and plans other events as needed.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention programs, recommendations to the Board on membership types and criteria as well as monitoring the membership process with Headquarters.  The Membership Committee will determine, monitor, and strengthen AMWA’s initiatives and services with member input. Member Benefits Include:  Advocacy, Mentoring, Networking, Career Development, Leadership Opportunities, Committees and Working Groups, Global and International Opportunities, Fellowships, Grants, Scholarships, Public Health Initiatives, Education & Expertise, Speakers Bureau, Community, Resources, and Awards.  Additional duties include reviewing and approving meeting minutes, reviewing expired memberships, exit survey results, new members, and member benefits.


The AMWA mentoring task force aims to create cohesive and structured mentoring relationships between AMWA physicians, residents, medical students and premedical students.  The mentoring task force coordinates mentor-mentee relationships and matches them not only based on specialty or academic interest but based more broadly on personal and professional background. The mentorship committee ensures development and progression of AMWA’s mentor experiences across all divisions and stages of career.  This committee oversees the efforts and contents of the AWMA Mentorship Platform. To help foster member mentorship, please contact:


The ability to raise money is an important skill to have in order to advance your career.  There are few things as powerful as the ability to find necessary funds and resources when they are needed.  If you want to learn more about how to raise money join AMWA’s fundraising committee.  No experience needed.  This committee works with AMWA Staff to seek new fundraising opportunities and collaborations for AMWA Board of Directors consideration. Email if you would like to learn more about fundraising.

Gender Equity Task Force

The American Medical Women’s Association Gender Equity Task Force (AMWA GETF) strives to accomplish gender equity as a fact of life in society, and to engage in activities, action and collaborations pursuant to this goal, beginning with the healthcare industry of which women physicians are one component.

Global and International Outreach

Each member of AMWA holds a Membership in the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA).  The global and international outreach committee maintains and develops opportunities and relationships for and among medical women worldwide.


Informs members of public issues of interest to AMWA; informs the Board of Directors of proposed federal or significant state legislation related to women in the areas of medical care, health and welfare; and represents the AMWA before legislative and administrative agencies.

Women’s Health & Reproductive Care Access

The American Medical Women’s Association recognizes the need to continue to champion medical needs specific to Women’s Health encompassed in our mission to assure access to equitable healthcare for all.  Many prior projects focused on Women’s Health have made a notable impact on education and healthcare delivery. From the AWHS international clinics to the Reproductive Health and Cervical Cancer/HPV and Breast Care curricula to the Women’s Health Textbook and CME courses.