AMWA Partners with Vision 2020 to Break the Record for Women Voting

AMWA is partnering with Drexel University College of Medicine’s Vision2020: National Women’s Equality Initiative to “Break the Record for Women Voting” in the 2020 elections.

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a nonpartisan national coalition of organizations and individuals working to achieve economic, political and social equality for women. 

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution: women’s right to vote. In celebration, Vision2020 has launched Women 100, a series of programs and events that celebrate American women and spark new ideas about the path to gender equality. Vision2020 is also focused on developing a bold new agenda based on shared leadership among women and men, and by breaking the record for women voting in the 2020 national election using the Motivote Platform. 


AMWA invites members and allies to join the AMWA Votes team to make voting in the 2020 elections an easy, fun, and social experience for all! Let’s work together to make sure that women today exercise the right that past generations worked so hard to secure! Empower your community to be active citizens and to make your voices heard.


AMWA is creating a nationwide competition by state. Sign up to get timely and specific information about upcoming elections so that you can make a plan to vote and support others along the way. As you complete actions that help you get ready to vote, you will earn points that can be redeemed for fun rewards from mission-driven brands. Invite your family and friends. As you and your team members earn points, watch your state team move up the scoreboard! On Election Day, you’ll celebrate your state win! 

Empower your community to be active citizens and to make your voices heard! Join your state team HERE.


Visit AMWA’s on-line exhibition Women Physician Suffragists that recognizes the leadership of our foremothers in medicine. Let’s honor their legacy by making sure that all women get out to vote in 2020.



Moving forward with AMWA’s partnership with Drexel University College of Medicine’s Vision 2020: National Women’s Equality Initiative, it’s crucial all voters are given adequate accessibility to exercise their voting rights. AMWA will host a series of webinars about your voting rights and how to be proactive in your community. 

All webinars will be at 7 PM EST.

Register Here


August 12th 

Our first webinar of August 12th will include the League of Women Voters to discuss where you should vote at home or where you attend school, what is absentee voting and how is it different from mail in voting, and how to ensure others in your learning community will be eligible to vote on Tuesday Nov. 3. 

August 26th 

Vision 2020 and AMWA have joined forces to increase the numbers of women voters. We will discuss the strategy for our groups and how to make an impact. 

September 9th

AMWA Members to the polls! A letter written to all branches for use at their own institutions to ask for excused absences while the students volunteer to work the polls. Information and discussion.