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Words of Wisdom from AMWA Physician Moms

  • Give your teen sons at least a year to process your “good advice”… that’s just how long it takes!
  • Let your kids make jokes about you — this is an endless source of entertainment for them — and will give you more free time!
  • Don’t ever ask your kids what they are whispering to each other about: you don’t want to know!
  • If your kids break into hysterical laughter when you get really really mad at them and yell – get even instead!
  • Be honest about telling your kids when something is none of their business!
  • It is better for your nearly grown kids to be closer with each other than with you- they will last longer!
  • You’re only as tired as your kids think you are
  • Try to remember every funny moment you have with your kids, it will keep you going

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