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Vision 2020: An American Conversation about Women and Leadership

Vision 2020: An American Conversation about Women and Leadership

During the two-day period, 1400 attendees participated in a series of conversations: Business, Law, & Finance, Health, Engineering, Science, & Technology, Communications & Media, Education, Philanthropy, Faith, & Volunteerism, Arts & Culture, and Politics & Government.

Of the 102 state delegates, 8 were women physicians: Dr. Judith Peterson (South Dakota), Dr. Arti Prasad (New Mexico), Dr. Pascale Lane (Nebraska), Dr. Kathy Porter (Alabama), Dr. Elizabeth Mutisya (Georgia), Dr. Danna Grear (Arkansas), Dr. Ann Kimball (Washington), and Dr. Mary Boyd (West Virginia). Visionary delegates included Dr. Catherine de Angelis (Maryland), and Dr. Carolyn Mazure (Connecticut). Panelists included Dr. Nancy Dickey, President, Texas A&M Health Science Center and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs.

Each conversation set the stage for an exchange of ideas, information, and experiences that culminated in the formation of a ten-year Vision 2020 Action Agenda for each delegate to take back to her home state. The symbolic signing of the Declaration of Equality marked their collective pledge to effect change over the coming decade.

The evening program, Celebration of American Women, featured actresses Geena Davis and Jane Seymour and astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison. The young hopeful voices of Lauren Hart and the Pennsylvania Girls’ Choir gave inspiration to the theme, Equality in Sight.

AMWA was one of 33 National Allies who participated in Vision 2020, along with American Association of University Women (AAUW), American Bar Association, National Council of Women’s Organizations, Society of Women Engineers, and Girl Scouts. Together, the national allies represent over 25 million women and girls. Please join AMWA in spreading the word about the Vision 2020 agenda, to ensure full equality in this country by 2020. Visit to sign the Declaration of Equality, view the conversations, and find out how you can get involved.


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